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By Trucha Del Mar
No cute fisheries survey chick pics? Lame.
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By fatman
Trucha Del Mar wrote:No cute fisheries survey chick pics? Lame.
no, just waitresses (Bayou Nines)
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By yard4sale
That is a whole lot of Fugly, minus the waitresses.

Glad to see the big fella with a fish in hand, lord knows thats more than we could do for him.

Good stuff gents, thanks for the ride.
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By Lurgee
[report]I always come home from these things bruised on the outside and inside.

I think I took 4 pictures the whole time. Here is the bestest of them.
whatmakesmetick.jpg (1.09 MiB) Viewed 634 times
Great time despite non-great conditions. Thanks to everyone that made it and did their part to make it all work.[/report]
By Willi
Timber posted my only good photos so I've got nothing to contribute, just like on the trip. I got fed like a effin KING, got poled round, entertained, etc etc etc with nothing in return from me. Just want to say thanks to everyone there. Even though the weather could have cooperated better, had a great time!!

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Red, the shirt is going to be a magnet. Maybe not for wimmens, but a magnet.

Looks like a damn fine time, fellas. :cool
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By -G-
Don't be posting pictures of Redchaser flashing the world because if my fiance sees it she's leaving me and driving south. Plus I'm sure he has enough women knocking down his door from the smell of his cooking.

PS you guys clearly don't have any fun.

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By Bruiser
Looks awesome like usual. That's a very interesting place you guys have down there. :cool
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By Fishwater
Below are the totality of the shitty cell phone fishless photos I took whilst in the da marsh.

I took the skiff to show everyone. It never touched water except driving through the rain on the way home.


I drove all day and saw this sunset on the marsh.


The next morning, I woke to this.


Then we went fishing. I blew every shot our boat

But we did get to see these guys.


Afterward, we ate and drank, and bullshitted by the fire.



I hope I'm invited back.

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