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By Surly
Got back last night from a four day trip to Shenandoah Nat'l Park. Hiked a couple of miles into a creek in the park and set up camp on Thursday. Here is a shot of what we were up against... ImageGot in a half day of fishing on Thursday in perfect weather. Tons of bugs coming off, a parachute adams did the trick. Image Friday the fish seemed to respond better to a yellow stimmy. A second buddy hiked in and met us at lunch. Fished the lower portion of the stream, close to the trailhead. Turns out we were fishing behind a dude, the fishing wasn't all that great. Hiked a mile or so above him and got back into fish.A front moved through Friday night, seemed to put the fish off a little on Saturday (or was it the hangover from all the Scotch?). A parachute adams with a GRHE soft hackle caught some fish, most on the dropper. Lost count, but I caught enough fish to be very happy.hiked out on Sunday and fished the Thornton River, right next to 211. A much smaller stream this time. On the first cast to the first decent pool this guy was dumb enough to eat... Image Now I need to learn how to take pictures that look 1/2 as good as Zach's...
Surly,Those are some dam nice pictures. Looks like a very cool place. What kind of Scotch did you have?Charlie.P.S. If you want to learn how to take good pictures ask Ginseng Sullivan. He’s extremely good at it, has more than a few pictures in magazines to his credit and is always willing to share some good advice.
Image This is some nice shit, although, it's freakin expensive... I split a bottle while fishin a hex spinner fall and slept in the car at the takeout.....
Lessee, between the three of us we had samples of Balvenie Double Wood (gayest sounding name for liquor ever), Dalwhinnie 15, Glenfiddich 17, Macallan 12, Caol Ila. I think that was it. Sip, sip, pass...
Ahhhh Dalwhinnie....the Breakfast Scotch.
:cool: n S.B.
Originally posted by Brookwookie:n I've tried, really. My brain is somehow hard-wired so that all scotch tastes like this:
And I assume you know how this tastes fron your years of collecting cans and bottles in a shopping cart and living in a Van......DOWN BY THE RIVER.S.B.
Lagavulin, at about $68 a bottle, is well worth the price. Laphroaig 15-year is a good bet as well in about the same price range, I have seen it at Costco for $50. Ardbeg 10-yr is another great choice along those lines and about as expensive as Lagavulin. Nothing like a smokey, peatey Islay when streamside. For me though it's Lagavulin all the way.BTW $68 for a bottle of scotch isn't that "high end". Check this out if you want to spend some $$ Or this: Those prices are ridiculous, but I would spend the ~$300 on a bottle of Laphroaig 30-year: It's way too easy to spend way more than $68 on a bottle of great scotch.-John

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Wookie,You must be trying that Johnny Walker and Cutty Sark crap. Get somebody to give you a taste of the good stuff, like some lagavulin, and the last thing you will be thinking of is aqua velva.-John

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