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I'm with you brookwookie, I have had some decent scotch, Aberlour I think, and it was pretty damn good but I'll take a bottle of Basil or Woodford given a choice. Hell, I've never turned down any Makers now that I think of it either.Cheers.. :cool:
Make that another vote for Laphroaig and Caol Ila. I could drink the 10 year old Laphroaig like it was water.This thread is making me thirsty.Adams

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Originally posted by Brookwookie:n
Originally posted by SageBrush:n And I assume you know how this tastes fron your years of collecting cans and bottles in a shopping cart and living in a Van......DOWN BY THE RIVER.
So? SO?
So try this.... actually, I prefer the company of this 12 year old on the stream.
Tell you what, I'll drink that if you drink a glass of Karate Funk cologne. We'll share the same experience and we'll both know what to expect.It's hopeless. I've tried probably a dozen different people's "really seriously good no really" scotch. Some more than once, in an attempt to acquire the taste. I'm scotch-blind.
Wookie....take a look.n It ain't's Irish.n If you like Burbon or N.A. Whiskey this ones a lock.n But say....this Karate Funk sounds pretty good.I'm sorry about this...[/img] bet a belt of that has a kick that will put you on the mat."Hey...when are the C.D.'s due and where do we send them?S.B.

and a sheep shot. strong work :smile

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