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By slenon
As I sit here for another nights read I find that I have not tied a fly since finding this god forsaken site or even put my fly fishing stuff away for the winter.All I can see before me is "pie and boobies" and sick evil posts.I'm scareing my children and getting nasty looks from the wife. have I hit bottom? Do I need help?.I[/img] willing to check in to the Castwell Clnic of happy,happy,joy,joy posts for a few weeks to detox or am I lost to the sick underbelly of the Drake with no hope of saveing my now soiled soul. n P.S. I hope you all get fucked for Christmas!!
By Salty
I wish I could say there is hope, but I too have succumb to the allure of the Drake Side of the force Nemo's True Face
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By befuddled
dear wifebeater,n i handle all the referrals for minds twisted by the Drakes insatiable lust for fishy women...thats fish and women..i hearby refer you to brother smithhammer as salty's expertise will be unavailable for the holidays.what do you say hobgoblin basher; got any ray of hope for this lost soul?n yours in pagan rituals and thong addiction,n befuddled
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By Smithhammer
Ischua,Take heart, lad. That embarrasment, guilt, and soul-searching that you're probably feeling right now will pass. It probably doesn't help that your family members are noting how secretive you've become about your internet habits, and assume your addicted to online porn. In a sense, they may be right. In most cases, the above-described initial phase usually gives way to to a period marked by itching, chafing and prickly heat. Some say Gold Bond green label is particularly effective during this intermediate time. But if you make it through all that, you'll reach a state of gloriously guilt-free, completely unapologetic, wanton behavior, where you can blithely jump from discussing national security and endangered species to slobbering over pie and boobies, like a ninja leaping from one rooftop to another, without stopping to ponder if there is any contradiction to be had there. That, my friend, is when you know that there is no turning back, and you've let go of all desire to. You have become a full-fledged Drakian, and in the words of the immortal Bob, "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke." Don't get discouraged - this time that some call Christmas, which contrary to its intentions, seems to bring angst to so many, is a time of pagan, hedonistic rejoicing for us. Just stay strong, and don't let a lack of anything important to say stop you from posting - the therapy is in the process. :cool:
By coolconman
Originally posted by ischua:n P.S. I hope you all get fucked for Christmas!!
I certainly hope so as well! Anyway's I'm out for a week or so to, I hope the withdrawals don't get too bad. Happy Pagan Christmakwanzaakah Festivus to all of you!!
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By Jon
Originally posted by ischua:n n P.S. I hope you all get fucked for Christmas!!
Thank you. Merry Saturnalia to you, too. :D
By slenon
Thank God ! I'm free!! free!! I think I can now piss myself without any guilt
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By slavetotheflyrod
Drop the "E" before adding [/img]ng"
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