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By Brookwookie
Inspired by creeklover, here's a thread about your headwear. What is it? Why do you wear that thing? Shouldn't you wash it? Are those dead animal parts?Mine's an old Columbia bucket. It keeps the sun off. The brim is wide, and it's dark blue underneath, which helps with vision. Aside from the dirt and musty odor, its only real drawback is that it's the same shade of tan as a whitetail's ass. This merits extra caution during deer season.I suppose I should wash it before I start to smell like a rutting bigfoot, but I think maybe it repels hikers and other fishermen. Life is full of trade-offs.
By Stogie
I've got a bucket cord. hat by Barbour. Great for the fall and winter, but a bit much for summers down south so I switch off to an old ballcap. That hat let me fish 5 hours in a Colorado downpour without soaking through. I can't ask for more than that.
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By AnglerMan
I have too damn many hats. That pic that creek"funny-like-gierich"lover was bagging on, is a Dan Bailey Wind River. Its way comfortable, and keeps the cancer off my ears. Most of the time, faded out shop logo hat. Imperial holds up the best, but i can buy two Ourays for the same price.
By coolconman
I like the standard ballcap, usually my trusty st. croix with a long bill, but whatever happens to be in my truck works just as well. In the cold or wet, I have a plain fleece stocking cap.By the way Nemo, any thought of printing up some drake logo hats or tshirts in the future?
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By Smithhammer
Ok, I'll admit I have a Filson oiled canvas hat that drifts dangerously close to Norman Maclean territory, but it's a kick ass hat for both sun and rain. And for really hot weather, I've got another Filson cap with that thing in the back that covers your neck, etc. It's definitely a tough choice between which hat makes me look more like a geek, but it's probably the latter - it's the chick anti-magnet. Umm yeah, it's the hat...that's it.... :p
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By AnglerMan
They call the anti-chick hats- birthcontrol-wear
By Deerhawk
Leather. Aussie style button up. My girlfriend got me an antique Pheasent feather hat band with a chunk of Turquios. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, will hold off a drenching downpour forever......and damn, I look good in it!n Deerhawk :coffee:
By speybait
I don't have a set warm weather hat, usually a ball cap but in the winter I always wear a Peruvian Moriarty type hat. That's the alpaca kind with the ear flaps and the tassels. It makes me look real pretty and it keeps me warm.Tim
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By Nemo
I've got an old Scott hat that is about the nastiest thing you've ever seen. I've got newer ones but, you know, just hard to let go of a classic. But some kid I met up in Alaska just sent me a new one from Sea Runner Guide Service in Juneau. Don't know the guys at Sea Runner but I'll probably start wearing it just so I can eventually feel all cool about having a dirty hat from Alaska. As for the question about Drake hats and shirts and stuff, yes--it's definitely in the works. But since I can barely keep up with the movie and mag orders as it is (which some of you have undoubtedly noticed), I'm afraid I'm going to have to wait until things slow down a bit at Powder (my other job) before coming up with "Drakewear" (hey I kinda like that name...). I'll try to have something rolling by the holidays though. Besides, I'm sitting on about a jillion sticker orders here as it is... (Speaking of which, they were shipped this morning, so any of you waiting for Drake stickers should have them by next week.)Floating the Snake up in Jackson next week. Can't wait for a little yellowbelly cutthroat love...
By Stogie
Good to hear, Nemo. I've got a few buddies who need a little "DrakeWear" in their stockings. Can't always fish naked!
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By Nemo
thanks stogie--don't know how old you are, are what your musical tastes are, but as anyone familair with the mag or the movie can tell you, I'm a huge fan of your homeboys Widespread Panic. So don't be surprised if one of the t-shirt designs (already mocked up, by the way) has a bit of a musical flair to it. If you've never heard of them, or don't like them, that's cool--everyone has different tastes. On the other hand, if you happen to be a fan as well, then congratulations--You just became my southern sales rep.
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