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By Rusty Hook
I was skeptical until you added "west of Buffalo.[/img]y main hat is a Filson waxed canvas with enough seasons to have lots of 'character'. Sometimes the dog tries to roll on it. The canvas is too hard to stick flies in, so I added a silk tie from the thrift store for a hat band. As an added bonus, it gets a shot of Absorbine Flys-X to keep the bugs away. During hunting season, I add an orange bandana to the mix.

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By woolly bugger
my [/img]oto hat" is an old VFS (Virtual Fly Shop) that we got at PFF* v.4 here's a shot of Jini Tunes Fisher with her hat and Croaker checking his new one out too. Shane's got one too. ImageThese 'red' hat are all well faded by the days on the stream, Croaker's is almost bleached white.My son won a green VFS hat in their monthly photo contest, it's almost new, but off limits to me...*This is the group that Shane use to belong to before [/img]t became too vanilla"

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By Ty Webb
helluva bump, I wear aold Hell's Bay boatworks
ballcap or anything ithe truck with a dark n underbrim..we lose a lot
of hats running in a skiff n so I rarely get something n broken in enough to fade a cool color..
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By Wingnut
Several hats, many Baseball, some Fleece, Wicker Style Cowboy for really high and Hot Sun in July & August (keeps the top of my ears from getting crispy).
By tarpon slime sunscreen
Image n Hats are a superstition of mine.I have one of the last old style Denver Broncos hats. This is the 3rd one of these I've had, all from Mile High Stadium (has to be original). It's getting to look and smell like a spawned out rotting coho but I refuse to wash it. The oil and grease makes the rain slide right off and the salt comes in handy if I get cramps - I just suck on my hat for awhile.Not sure what I'll do when this one craps out. I know a guy who has one of these that is brand new so I might try to trade him out of for some shitty flies or something. Then again I might switch to this sweetheart. Any hat with a fish through it can't be bad luck.
By revolution.kirk
aye, a columbia beige typical baseball style w/ the elastic band deal with super ventilation/ sweat releasing doodads.. well used to be beije untill it was soaked in deer blood, spat on, tossed in a sewage pond and then washed while simultaneously bailing out a boat. it works
By capt_gordon
all of my hats are sweaty and stinky sfter one use, i am a sweaty bitch.
By Geezer
Heres my old canvas grease trap. Love it, but you have to warm it up in the morning to soften it. Head grease coagulates and makes it stiff as a board. Image What I really want... Mr. Toad hat. Image
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By Rusty Hook
It's not pretty, but it keeps the sun from damaging any more of my brain, and the short brim is nice when the wind's blowing. Hasn't come off yet. Note the Italian silk hatband, perfect for drying flies. Image
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By epol
A hat for every occasion. From left to right. Sunny and hot, cold, everyday (yes that's a clouser in the back, and yes it hurt)and the bababushki for fucking cold steelhead fishing.

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By woolly bugger
and then one time on the way to the stream i realized that I had left my hat at home so we stopped in a gas station and i picked up this Labonte Camo rig, musta worked cause a had a great ]day on the stream... Image
By troutjedi
Originally posted by woolly bugger:n and then one time on the way to the stream i realized that I had left my hat at home so we stopped in a gas station and i picked up this Labonte Camo rig, musta worked cause a had a great ]day on the stream...
Nice hero pose...... What's that one called, "the John Holmes"?
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