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By coolconman
OK, heres the deal. You are being taken on a trout fishing trip in the great US of A. You don't know what region, or even what time of year or whether you're fishing a lake or river. You are only allowed 5 fly patterns, but you get all sizes and color variations of that pattern(ie: a size 12 tan elk-hair caddis and a size 18 black elk-hair caddis would count as a single fly). What flies do you choose...Me and a fishing buddy back in Montana were drinking (imagine that) last fall and his little sister's new boyfriend called at some point when we were more than a little buzzed. We were harrassin the shit out of him when he claimed he was a fly-fisherman, so much to his sister's embarrassment, we used this test to judge whether or not he was worthy of dating the girl. I don't remember his answers, but he turned out to be one helluva fisherman when I finally met him.Anyway, my 5 are:elk-hair caddis-If you don't have this one you failn bead-head hare's ear-this is a close call between BH prince and BH pheasant tail, so I have to go with personal successn woolly buggern parachute adamsn stimulator-the last one is a tough call, but you can use these for everything from october caddis, salmonflies, and hoppers and if nothing else, it makes a good strike indicatorBent Rods and Full Pints
By Brookwookie
I already get the feeling that these lists are going to be mostly identical:hare's ear parachuten elk hair caddisn beadhead hare's ear nymphn woolly buggern white marabou streamerIt pains me to leave out the Adams. And about a dozen other flies. Curse you.
By caddis
Adamsn Elk Hair Caddisn Stimulatorn I can give these a haircut and make'em sink if I want to lower myself to nymphing, therefore I don't need no stinkin' five patterns.
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By Smithhammer
Adams - (fave all around dry attractor (not para), close tie with a Stimmy.)n Hare's ear - (all around nymph)n Dave's Hopper - (the generic hopper.)n Winged para-ant - (trout love ants, period.)n Olive Matuka - (had some great days when browns wouldn't touch a bugger, but were going crazy for Matukas.)And, and, and....

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By FliesOnly
Ok here goes.....Adamsn Stimulatorn BH Pheasant Tailn X Caddis-Like the profile over the ol EHC..n Muddler..Wolly Bugger..Muddler..Wolly Bugger~Ill take the Muddler by a nose......
By cfisher
Stimulator (go figure) n Parachute Adamsn The Worm...yep, there I said it; at leat my affair with Juan is in the open now! Whew...n Hares Earn Wolly Bugger
By Bearmon
Elk Hair Caddisn Bead Head Pheasant Tailn Green Caddis Pupaen Wolly Buggern Big Fat Juicy Night Crawler...n Where the hell did that come from..n I meant to say.... Meal Wormn Shit... I meant Adamsn Whew!
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By Nemo
1)Griffith's gnat (REALLY disappointed that nobody else picked that, since coolcon said it could be any time of year and midges are the only hatch you're going to find in February for much of the West.)n 2) egg-sucking leech (just in case there's steelhead in the river on this "trout fishing trip")n 3)parachute adams (OK, I'll give you that one. But Smith, don't see the need for this AND a para ant AND a hopper.)n 4) Double bunny (what, are there NO streamer fisherman out there?)n 5) Bead head Hare's Ear or Pheasant Tail, wouldn't matter which
By boanded
Ok,I'll play ....n Elk hair caddisn Royal wulf or Coachman - choose these over stimulators cause of the 'all sizes' rule,ever seen a size 18 or 20 stimulator ? n Any olive emergern Hare's earn Clouser minnow
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By slavetotheflyrod
#1 by far and away the must have: Rs2 in a whole host of sizes and colors.n And the rest:n Chew Toy n black beautyn H&L variant - Am I the only one that fishes for cutties?n Wolly Buggern Double bunnien Comparadunn Rockwormn Kaufmans Stonen Prince nymph
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By slavetotheflyrod
Oh wait that was ten flies, Shit what was I smoking Man?

meh. let them breathe cake...

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