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By wabos kid
wooly bugger (black)n muddlern cdc and elkn San Juan wormn Montreal or something similarn Les
By Jed
Bead Head Gold Ribbed Hares Earn Prince Nymphn Griffith's gnat (I've fished them wet too)n Wooly Buggern Elk Hair CaddisThat would cover dry, wet, streamer, nymph and would work everywhere except for ocean speckled trout, sea run trout or Steelies. Maybe add a clouser hidden somewhere for some ocean action. jed
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By Jon
Harrop Hairwing Dun - in the right size and color, the only mayfly adult pattern I use, from lakes to spring creeks to pocketwater. The tail can be trimmed to make a usable caddis dry.Griffith Gnat - I also like these when they're barely floating as midge emergers. I've trimmed the bottom and made an emergency Trico cluster pattern. Wooly Bugger - need I say more.BH Pheasant Tail - ditto (I tie mine with a bead thorax, and I'm assuming the rules allow for tungsten, brass and glass bead versions)CDC Caddis - often works better damp than dry.The only reservations about this list would be that without a mayfly spinner pattern and a beetle I'd be caught short somewhere, sometime.

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By coolconman
Originally posted by stimmy:n The Worm...yep, there I said it; at leat my affair with Juan is in the open now! Whew...
I love/hate the worm, but dammit if it doesn't catch a shitload of fish. It's just a little too much like bobber/bait fishing. And when I want to do that, I find it's easier to hold a beer and cast a bait pole than hold a beer and cast a flyrod
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By flyfisheraa573
Para-Adamsn Turcks Tarantulan Power Ant (cinammon)n Pheasant Tailn Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
By Ian Forbes
Okay, I'll playThis is sort of like a parachute adams, and it's my first choice when trout are on mayflies
ImageThis bead head has ALREADY seen a bunch of trout but it's still working well
ImageI can't leave out the Wooly Bugger because it catches fish everywhere.
ImageVariations of the Deer hair caddis works for all caddis and stoneflies
ImageMy last choice was a difficult one, but I have to go with my O'Mykiss Marauder. I've caught too many salmon and steelhead with it to leave it behind.
ImageI'd like a sixth choice because of the variety of fishing I do. If I'm lake fishing I can get by with the Wooly Bugger instead of my O'Mykiss Marauder, but I'd hate to leave out a chironomid pattern.
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By banknote
caddis pupan EHCn golden stone nymph (HEAVY)n muddler variations n parachute adamson the bubble:n serendipity (light tan - try it)n flying antn hare's ear nymphn cdc loopwing emerger
By Vermonter
Serendipity (Pearl and Peacock)n Pheasant Tail Alternative (see Charlie Craven's site)n Copper Johnn CDC and Elkn Caddis Humpy
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