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By SageBrush
In Canada, I drink Keiths (from Nova Scotia) or Sleemans from Ontario, or a number of small-batch Micro brewery beers. Some excellent choices find thier way to our "Beer Stores".n My current favorite is a beer from Scotland aged 40 days in Oak Casks called [/img]nnis and Gunn". Well worth the $3.15 Canadian a bottle. It's a beer for the tying table , not the stream.I have a few favorite U.S. beers when I am traveling down south. What are your favorites? I would be interested in sampling a few when I see them in the stores. Here are my U.S. picks, what are yours?n S.B.n (feel free to heap shit on me if we've done this here before, in fact...I fully expect to be heaped on just because I'm a Hoser eh.)
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By coolconman
I like Pyramid Curveball when its available(it's a seasonal) and Drop Top. Mac and Jacks is pretty good too, but you can only get it up in the Seattle area as far as I know. There's also a pub here in PDX that serves a belgium beer called Chimay thats very good. Oh yeah, and my cheap beer of preference is PBR. :eek:
By Bearmon
Yuengling is great stuff, but with all of the demand quality has dropped some. Right now it's hit or miss with the product, but when it's hit it is good stuff. Try this stuff when if PA if you can find it Image But this one will kick some ass it's high alchohol content Image

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By SageBrush
Originally posted by Rip:n I drink what ever's cheapest. Round here right now that Busch @ 12.99 per 30 pack.
Don't make me cry.......n Regular Canadian beer is about $40.00 a case of 24.n about$10. a six pack.n Cans are more $$n Tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax S.B.Hey Cool... We get Chimay here, Brewed in a Belgian Monastery by Monks I believe....good brew.

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By Bearmon
yeah but it takes 4 Busch to equal one Labatt's
By Nubbs
Rolling Rock = Piss.n Never could get used to the taste of that shit. My roommate in college however drank that piss exclusively.n These are my top 2 fav's.
Image n If moneys tight I'll throw back one of these.
Image Image Image Image
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By creeklover
If your're in a pinch moneywise, it's hard to beat these two... Image I like all the German and Holland brews. If going domestic I get:When I can
Image n Otherwise
By coolconman
I don't usually drink Guinness straight up, you need a fork to do that. But a Black & Tan is like a little piece of heaven in a glass! :roll: Rogue has some tasty stuff smithy, and Redhook ain't bad either.
By Brookwookie
<a href="">Smuttynose Old Brown Dog</a> is my favorite: ImageI also dig <a href="">Saranac Adirondack Amber</a>: Imageand <a href="">Cooperstown Brewery's Old Slugger</a>: Imagen which is usually on tap in my favorite local watering hole. Except last time, when I found it replaced by:
Imagen to my delight and amazement. I also really enjoyed Moose Drool while out west, but that could have been the fish talking. It's a great time to love beer.p.s. SageBrush I'm afraid you've fallen for a cruel joke. Rolling Rock (aka Old Latrine) is not meant for human consumption. Sorry.

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By shutupandfish
:eek: :eek: :eek: Worst beer: The Silver Bullet by a long shot. It barely changes from the time the tab is pulled to when it's splashing down on a urinal cake...If anything the journey may improve the taste but I'll have to let bocephus vouch for that.
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