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By Smithhammer
TJ - feel free put it anywhere and everywhere! :cool: I read this last night, and after coming across this news this morning, decided it was worth another read:"There is no way to weave an international mining corporation into the life, work or pleasure of our beautiful river valleys, no way to invite them to co-exist with us rather then prey upon us, because mining corporations are nothing like the people who make up the life of the river valley. Mining corporations descend like predatory gods from outside the life of a region, force all residents, human and non-human, to live by their law of short-term supply and demand, and depart the instant the profit margins wane. It's we residents, human and non-, who must live with the post-profit result.""The destroyers of human cultures, of biological systems, or irreplaceable homes, however they define themselves legally, are our enemies. In honor of Lincoln and Jefferson, in honor of present and future generations, divine love, human and animal fury, let us suffer, fret, fear, research, rise up, urge, testify, march, moan, hoot, howl and roar.And may our hearts burn within us with joy." - D. J. Dunca :mad:
By Brookwookie
Originally posted by Smithhammer:n "let us suffer, fret, fear, research, rise up, urge, testify, march, moan, hoot, howl and roar.n - D. J. Duncan
He forgot "berate, humiliate, throatpunch, tie to a stump and sodomize with a gas-powered variable-speed wolverine while small children laugh and throw rocks".
By bigtj
Smithhammer,It's on FAOL there are like a jillion people on that board should get at least a few dozen more e-mails.Thanks for your intitative and the post.-John
By Rooster
Some of you might already know about the Alamosa River, but it is a great warning in regards to how many mining companies operate and the need for more public awareness.The Alamosa River in south central Colorado is not blue or green or clear, but orange. Highway construction orange, because a Gold Mine in Summitville polluted it with 200 MILLION GALLONS OF CYANIDE SOLUTION! The river is so toxic that there is zero biological life from the high water mark on one side to the high water mark on the other for 17 miles. The Gold mine was originally titled to be a "zero-discharge" mine.When the contamination reached its peak in 1992, the mine company declared bankruptcy, leaving the clean up to the public. The total cost of the recovery effort is estimated to be $235 Million and take 100 years.If any of you are in central southern Colorado, you should drive the dirt road that follows the Alamosa River. It is one of the saddest things I have ever seen, and definitely motivates you to be more active in the decisions that affect your community.
By unclejesse
Do we as a society completely fail to realize that there are consequences for our action, or that as much as we don't want to admit it we are still part of the ecosystem. This whole thing is so upsetting. Public lands should belong to we the people not miners, ranchers, and logging companies. I guess we should have expected this from the bastards who gave us the "healthy forest" initiative.I hate to hear about the Alamosa. With what Bush has done to Superfund tax support it may be a long time before sites like that even get dealt with.
By coolconman
If you want to see what a good mine can do for a river, just check out the upper clark fork river in Montana. Start in east missoula at the milltown dam and continue to butte and take a tour of the berkeley pit. The Berkeley Pit is the largest open pit mine in the world and thanks to it and the other mines in butte over the past 150 years, this stretch of river contains the #1 superfund site in the world. It has more pollutants/million than chernobyl. I grew up about an hour west of Missoula and the only thing that kept that lower stretch of the clark fork from being destroyed is the milltown dam which literally has tons of copper and gold mine tailings stacked up behind it. Thank god they voted to keep the ban on cyanide leach mining last year. TU and their lobbying had a huge part in that victory. Democrats, republicans, whatever. They're all cocksucking, moneygrubbing, corporation-loving son-of-a-bitch politicians.Be sure and email a link to the TU page to all your friends. fishermen or not, shit like this affects us all.
By Capn Crooks
your rivers and lands are lucky to have you guys.n We have no public lands.It's all either private or municiple.the water,they tell me,belongs to the people."they",the ones whose souls are gonna burn in lakes of endless fire,freely poison the water that flows through "their"land and fuck things up for all of us.n We have no recourse to the law coz the fuckers don't care.Only last year one of our native fish species became extinct,and more will follow before it's all gone to hell.n Good luck with the fight guys,I wish I could help. :gun: :gun: :gun: :gun:
By Deerhawk
Just got in... long dayn Checked my mail and had a hit from my local TU rep with this same issue. E-d my local officals then came here. I knew you all would be passionate about this.n This site grows everyday. All of the members of the Drake and the visitors should be gravely concerened about this issue! Please contact your local reps and let them know how you feel! It's an easy process these days with many organizations having easy Form Letters that can be sent in your name, or better yet, be bold like Dave here and just flat out let 'em have it!!!n Lord knows there's alot of dick-heads out there just waitin to fuck-up or limit access to your water....Yeah, YOUR WATER!n Hammer, thank's man! Dave, you kick it, no bullshit :(

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