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By Brookwookie
Man that's a lot of bullshits for one article, on both sides."An ice fisherman fishes when it's cold; a fly fisherman fishes when it isn't.[/img]aine ice fishermen are mostly born here; fly fishermen are mostly "from away.""The fly fisherman is a fly fisherman," said their friend Rick Webber, 49, a plumber. "That's all he does." Mr. Webber tossed a football to his 11-year-old son, Spencer, who said, "You socialize when you go ice fishing. Fly fishing, you can't because you're always too busy.[/img]t's bait dealers who serve about 80,000 locals versus guides and outfitters who service 250,000 tourists; it's folks who see fishing as fun versus snobs who think it's an art; it's gluttons who catch-and-fry versus purists who catch-and-release.""Ethically, the fly fishermen don't like ice fishing," "Snowmobiles and heated fishing shacks, he says, "are out of keeping with the call of the loon.""Not only is fly fishing an art, Mr. Mallard contends, it has a "deeper culture" in Maine than ice fishing ever did."What a mess.
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By Rusty Hook
[/img]t's been five or six years since we caught a brook trout here," Rick Webber was saying just a minute before a red flag popped on Ragged Lake. The state has stocked Ragged with splake, a hardier cross between a speckled trout and a lake trout. But now Mr. Chick was on his knees pulling up a small fish with a squared-off tail."That's a brook trout," he said. Mr. Webber measured it against a notch on the trap. [/img]t's not a keeper," he said. "Let it go."
In other words, right after saying they hadn't seen a native brookie in years, the only thing that kept them from whacking the first one they saw was that it was too small. Dipshits.
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By Glista
Give’em each a bottle of vodka and a knife, lock’em in a room for a day and see who win’s.
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By Salvelinus
Horribly written article, but it does throw some light on a real problem.Ice fishing is very bad for brookie populations. I have a family cottage in central Ontario, and wild brookies are almost extinct in the surrounding lakes where they used to be abundant. One of the main reasons is that the lakes, even if remote, can be easily accessed with a snowmobile during the winter. In the soft water season, most people are too lazy to try and haul a canoe through 5 or 10km of bush to a pond or small lake. In the winter - they just drive right up and drill a few holes, chummed with canned corn of course. Couple that with 5 fish/day limits, and you have disaster because no fish is ever released.The provincial ministry is moving to reduce ice-fishing pressure and reduce bag limits (as well as stop the use of certain live baits - all sorts of ecological disasters have resulted from that as well), but I fear that it is too little, too late.
By Brookwookie
See there's an argument that holds some water. All those quotes from the article are pure drek.I have to say, though, that after looking at them a second time, the quote that wins for pure weirdness is:"Snowmobiles and heated fishing shacks, he says, "are out of keeping with the call of the loon.[/img]'ll take the loon's word for it.
By Jed
I fish in Maine (and am not a Mainer). I would like to see the habitat that is still primarily native brookies maintained as such. I would also like to see the number of fish one is allowed to keep reduced. I do think that ice fishing is valid and should not be outlawed, only limited so as to protect the primary native brook trout population in the Northeast.jed
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