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By cabasturd
Duds, good adds. Classic donnybrook between various fishing interests. Jed and and Salv's low key and likely effective solution of cutting back bag limits would be a no fuss cure. Everyone could then go back to their favored fishing ways without further accusations of class warfare and out of towners type arguments.Somehow I don't think it will be that easy.
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By flymph
[/img]y dad was a duck hunter," said Mr. Watson. "He used to say ice fishing was like a hunter sitting by a fireplace looking up the chimney waiting for a bird to fly over."wtf?
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By tim_s
horribly written article, the guy had his story written before he researched it....he picked polar opposite extremists in mallard & whalen and cherrypicked a few quotes....then talked with a couple clueless to the big picture (not always a bad thing) folks who just want to fishkaufman & watson shot themselves in the footlousy article, missed the real big issue, maine has the last real stronghold of wild brook trout left in the US.....and all the 'culture war" BS does is keep folks from rationally looking at the real's some more in itn ... forum=1&28
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By tim_s
dudleyone side note: several of the links you mentioned show some folks who are also attempting to cloud the issue, to rile folks up into a "we would have been fine if it weren't for those pesky meddling fly fishing kids" (token scooby doo re-set) scenariothere's a ton of historical issues with maine IF&W not always sticking to the advice from their bios or their own management plans and making politically motivated choices instead....the top guys at IF&W are all political employees promoted from within the GOB network.....this article missed all the key points and didn't even think to dig for some of the deeper motivationsinstead, it took the easy fluff piece way out.....typical
By tom
Barry-your article was a piece of shit. You are a retard.Sincerely, Maine fly fisherman
Bet $5 he doesn't respond. :coffee:
By Capt. Ahab
This was a great response to the article:"This war campaign can be divide into two groups. The old forkers and the young whackers. Old forkers (that’s me) will dress up in suits and drive out on the ice and run over tips ups. When stopped by anyone we will just look confused and say, “This the right way to the church.â€
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By KilgoreTrout
I just moved back to upstate NY from Maine after living and fishing there for 2 years. The 'class warfare' between ice fishers and the fly fishers is alive and well, and it's indicative of a much larger kind of outdoors/environmental class war thats been going on there for awhile. There's the Plum Creek mess And the bear baiting issue The "traditional use" debate - ATVs vs. hikers Turning the Kennebec into the Fulton Fish Market And now, the bait bill.There is a loud and vocal cadre of Northern Mainers who would be happy to clear cut and pave the entire North Maine Woods if it would only bring back the glory days of the paper/logging era.
The issue is not between flyfshers and icefishers as the writer tries to indicate. Many of us here in Maine (and yes I'm a native) do both( what the hell else can you do when it's friggin freezing out. The issue is about invasive species doing damage to native trout/salmon popultions.The lakes in question would not be closed to ice fishing. Dead bait/worms and artifical lures would still be allowed.I have caught many trout using lures in the winter.

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