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By Brookwookie
Upon recent inspection, Thee Oldey UNLIMITED YouTube Links Thread is now bloated and cumbersome and loaded with broken links. Here's a fresh thread (that'll probably be just as broken down in 6 months, but whatever) with all the still-working links condensed, plus a bunch from some other threads. Go nuts. If you find dead links just PM me and I'll replace or remove them.<a href=" Flag - Revenge</a>n <a href=" Division - Shadowplay</a>n <a href=" - King of the Hill</a>n <a href=" Against The Machine - Vietnow</a>n <a href=" Banhart - Michigan State</a>n <a href=" Threat - It Follows/Screaming At A Wall</a>n <a href=" Replacements - Customer & Rattlesnake</a>n <a href=" Nino - I am Loco</a>n <a href=" Clash - Know Your Rights</a>n <a href=" Feat w/ Lowell George - Cold, Cold, Cold</a>n <a href=" - YYZ</a>n <a href=" - Chalkdust Torture</a>n <a href=" - Tambourine</a>n <a href=" Who - Baba O'Riley</a>n <a href=" Fleck & The Flecktones - Scratch & Sniff</a>n <a href=" Bronx - They Will Kill Us All</a>n <a href=" Zappa - Montana</a>n <a href=" "Prince" Billy concert</a>n <a href=" Banhart- This is the Way</a>n <a href=" - Sea Beast</a>n <a href=" Fishing In America</a>n <a href=" Tull - Song For Jeffrey</a>n <a href=" Hagar - There's Only One Way To Rock</a>n <a href=" Lee & Dave Barbour - Why Don't You Do Right?</a>n <a href=" Little Fingers - Gotta Getaway</a>n <a href=" <a href=" Panic - From The Cradle</a>n <a href=" - Tweezer</a>n <a href=" - At Least That's What You Said</a>n <a href=" - Radio Cure</a>n <a href=" of Voodoo - Mexican Radio (music video)</a>n <a href=" - Beavertail to Heritage 2005</a>n <a href=" King & Stevie Ray Vaughan - Stormy Monday</a>n <a href=" - I Break Horses</a>n <a href=" Floyd - Wish You Were Here</a>n <a href=" Adams - Cold Roses</a>n <a href=" - New Noise</a>n <a href=" Mo' - Angelina</a>n <a href=" Trout & The Radicals - Satisfied</a>n <a href=" Feat - Hate To Lose Your Lovin</a>n <a href=" Wilhelm Scream - The Soft Sell</a>n <a href=" - We Must Have Blood</a>n <a href=" Weakerthans - Our Retired Explorer</a>n <a href=" - YYZ (another version)</a>n <a href=" Bronx - False Alarm</a>n <a href=" - The Spirit of Radio</a>n <a href=" - Red Barchetta (special bass treats at 5:40)</a>n <a href=" - Bring You Down</a>n <a href=" - Bring You Down Reprise</a>n <a href=" Zappa - Honey Don't You Want a Man Like Me?</a>n <a href=" & Lennon - Well (Baby Please Don't Go)</a>n <a href=" - Chalkdust Torture (Letterman)</a>n <a href=" Mahal - Mailbox Blues</a>n <a href=" Mahal - Diving Duck Blues</a>n <a href=" Landreth & John Hiatt - Circle Back</a>n <a href=" Clash - White Riot</a>n <a href=" John & The Band - Such A Night</a>n <a href=" Chenier - I Got A Woman</a>n <a href=" Longhair - Tipitina</a>n <a href=" Meters & The Nevilles - Fire On The Bayou</a>n <a href=" String Cheese Incident</a>n <a href=" Jam - That's Entertainment</a>n <a href=" Heads - Crosseyed & Painless (video)</a>n <a href=" - Save It For A Rainy Day</a>n <a href=" Thorr - Exit Strategy</a>n <a href=" - Lucky Day</a>n <a href=" - I'm Not A Loser</a>n <a href=" - Silly Girl</a>n <a href=" - Bikeage</a>n <a href=" - All-O-Gistics</a>n <a href=" - When I Get Old</a>n <a href=" - Clean Sheets</a>n <a href=" - Grow Up</a>n <a href=" - Sour Grapes & Bikeage Live</a>n <a href=" - I'm The One</a>n <a href=" - One Step Beyond</a>n <a href=" Costello & The Attractions - Radio Radio</a>n <a href=" Morrison & The Band - Caravan</a>n <a href=" Band - It Makes No Difference</a>n <a href=" Earl Keen</a>n <a href=" To Brazil</a>n <a href=" Parker - I Need Somebody</a>n <a href=" Fleck & The Flecktones - Next</a>n <a href=" - Colony of Birchmen</a>n <a href=" Lindley</a>n <a href=" - Dirt Floor Cracka</a>n <a href=" - First Tube</a>n <a href=" Ray & Jimmy Vaughan - Pipeline</a>n <a href=" Ohia - Back on Top</a>n <a href=" Mississippi Allstars - Moonshine</a>n <a href=" Mississippi Allstars - Po Black Maddie/Skinny Woman</a>n <a href=" Dennen - Darling Do Not Fear</a>n <a href=" Mascis & The Fog - Blowing It/I Live For That Look</a>n <a href=" Systems Go - All I Want</a>n <a href=" Dead - Dire Wolf</a>n <a href=" Heads - Crosseyed & Painless</a>n <a href=" Persuasions - The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing (Zappa)</a>n <a href=" Pretenders - Message Of Love</a>n <a href=" - Cinema Show Pt. 2</a>n <a href=" and the Dominos - It's Too Late</a>n <a href=" Replacements - Goddamn Job/Junior's Got A Gun</a>n <a href=" Tupelo - Graveyard Shift / Factory Belt</a>n <a href=" Police - Can't Stand Losing You/Next To You</a>n <a href=" Police - Driven To Tears</a>n <a href=" Police - Shadows In The Rain</a>n <a href=" Guy & B.B. King - I Can't Quit You Baby</a>n <a href=" The Haggis - C-Section</a>n <a href=" The Haggis - Maggie's Pancakes</a>n <a href=" Chenier - Bow Legged Woman</a>n <a href=" Salmon - Euphoria/I Like Buds/Squirrel Heads & Gravy</a>n <a href=" Randolph & The Family Band - NYC Freaks</a>n <a href=" Garcia & Bob Weir - Masterpiece</a>n <a href=" Floyd - The Fletcher Memorial Home</a>n <a href=" Dead - Cassidy</a>n <a href=" - Makisupa Policeman</a>n <a href=" & June Carter Cash - Jackson</a>n <a href=" New Pornographers - Letter From An Occupant</a>n <a href=" Mule, Mike Gordon & Sonny Landreth - On Your Way Down</a>n <a href=" Mahal - Fishin' Blues</a>n <a href=" Mahal & Widespread Panic</a>n <a href=" John - Big Chief</a>n <a href=" Freddy Jones Band - In A Daydream</a>n <a href=" Springsteen & The E. Street Band - Kitty's Back</a>n <a href=" Marley & the Wailers - Lively Up Yourself</a>n <a href=" Collins - Frozen Funk Blues</a>n <a href=" Thompson - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning</a>n <a href=" Thompson - Beeswing</a>n <a href=" Harper & Blind Boys of Alabama - Satisfied Mind</a>n <a href=" Harper - With My Own Two Hands</a>n <a href=" McGee - Nemo</a>n <a href=" Mountain String Band - Angel</a>n <a href=" Krauss & The Chieftains - Molly Ban</a>n <a href=" Krauss & Union Station - Oh Atlanta</a>n <a href=" Krauss & Union Station - Man of Constant Sorrow</a>n <a href=" Still - Orphan Girl</a>n <a href=" Still - Ecstasy</a>n <a href=" Still - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry</a>n <a href=" - Rosalita 1975</a>n <a href=" - Detroit Medley 1975</a>n <a href=" George - China White</a>n <a href=" & Little Feat - Long Distance Love</a>n <a href=" & Little Feat - Fat Man In The Bathtub</a>n <a href=" & Little Feat - Rocket In My Pocket</a>n <a href=" & Little Feat - Willin'</a>n <a href="' Wolf - Shake For Me</a>n <a href="' Wolf - I'll Be Back Someday</a>n <a href=" Pogues - Sally Mac</a>n <a href=" Heads - Psycho Killer</a>n <a href=" Heads - Swamp</a>n <a href=" - Overture</a>n <a href=" - Resist (acoustic)</a>n <a href=" - The Seeker (Who cover)</a>n <a href=" Dan - My Old School</a>n <a href=" Ray Vaughan - Testify</a>n <a href=" Ray Vaughan - Voodoo Chile</a>n <a href=" Ray Vaughan - Couldn't Stand The Weather</a>n <a href=" Costello & The Attractions - Watching The Detectives</a>n <a href=" Cult - She Sells Sanctuary</a>n <a href=" Smiths - The Queen Is Dead</a>n <a href=" Clash - Revolution Rock</a>n <a href=" Cash Tribute</a>n <a href=" Clash - Train In Vain</a>n <a href=" Gadd - Take The A-Train</a>n <a href=" & The Dead - Slow Train Comin'</a>n <a href=" & Bob - Monkey & The Engineer</a>n <a href=" Tull - Locomotive Breath</a>n <a href=" Dead - Casey Jones</a>n <a href=" Lee HOOKER - Hobo Blues</a>n <a href=" in the snow - St. Augustine</a>n <a href=" & Tackett - Two Trains</a>n <a href=" - Fool Yourself</a>n <a href=" Landreth - Native Stepson</a>n <a href=" Landreth & John Hiatt - Riding With The King</a>n <a href=" - That Boy</a>n <a href=" - Fireflies</a>n <a href=" Boys - Sabatoge</a>n <a href=" Central Station - Pow</a>n <a href=" Heads - The Great Curve</a>n <a href=" - Heart of the Sunrise Pt. 1</a>n <a href=" - Heart of the Sunrise Pt. 2</a>n <a href=" Wooten & Steve Smith</a>n <a href=" Clarke, Steve Gadd & Co.</a>n <a href=" Clarke/Gadd/Etc.</a>n <a href=" Clarke & Jeff Beck</a>n <a href=" Brothers Guitar/Bass Battle</a>n <a href=" To Forever - The Magician</a>n <a href=" Peart Drum Solo</a>n <a href=" - Heart Full of Soul (Yardbirds cover)</a>n <a href=" - Radio Free Europe</a>n <a href=" Addiction - Three Days</a>n <a href=" Dead - Jack Straw</a>n <a href=" Femmes - Add it up</a>n <a href=" The - Out of the Blue (Into the Fire)</a>n <a href=" - Life's Been Good</a>n <a href=" Dale & The Del Tones - Misirlou</a>

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By Kylemc
You are the man Wook! I grew up listening the Decendants,minor threat etc..,I now have a nieghbor for 5 years tha I hunt and fish with that got me into pickin.Recognize him? Image Image
By El Bucko
That rules.
By Brookwookie
A bunch of comedy. Your funny may vary:n <a href=" Ghost & Brak - That's What</a><a href=" Python - The Fish Slapping Dance</a><a href=" Python - Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook</a><a href=" - Here Comes The Circus</a><a href=" - Johnny At The Fair</a><a href=" the Frog - Once In A Lifetime</a><a href=" Short Version of The Big Lebowski</a><a href=" - Patrick Swayze Christmas</a><a href=" MST3K Canadian Song</a><a href=" Lee's Celebrity Winter Advice</a><a href=" Marx - Hello I Must Be Going/Hooray For Captain Spaulding</a><a href=" Marx - Pardon Me While I Have A Strange Interlude</a><a href=" Marx - Monkey Business</a><a href=" Marx - 7 Cent Nickel</a><a href=" Hicks - Drugs & Evolution</a><a href=" Hicks on Fundamentalist Christians</a><a href=" Hicks - Smoking</a>n A collection of Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson's weird stream-of-consciousness show rants:<a href=" - Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead</a><a href=" - Smoking</a><a href=" - Singing Stuff is Easy</a><a href=" - Meat Bees</a><a href=" - Just Walkin Around</a><a href=" - Big Head</a><a href=" - He Wrecked It</a><a href=" - Working Out</a><a href=" - Happy Birthday</a><a href=" - Paris Hilton</a>n [img][/img]<a href=" Hedberg in Montreal</a><a href=" Silverman - German Cars</a><a href=" Silverman - You're Gonna Die Soon</a><a href=" Show Jumping</a><a href=";mode=related&amp;search=%22%3ESarah Silverman - A Convenient Truth</a><a href=";NR%22%3ESarah Silverman - The Aristocrats</a><a href=" D - Tribute</a>n A British show called Top Gear, which appears to be about cars. Anyway, they did this episode where three of them go to Miami, they each find and buy a car for $1000 or less, and drive them to New Orleans and try to sell them there. They have "challenges" along the way, one of which almost gets them killed by rednecks in Alabama.<a href=" 1</a><a href=" 2</a><a href=" 3</a><a href=" 4</a><a href=" 5</a><a href=" 6</a>
By Brookwookie
<a href=" Goofy Tull - Skating Away</a><a href=" Frankenstein - Speedgirl</a> (video)<a href=" Fishing In America - Caledonia</a><a href=" Scruggs & Steve Martin - Foggy Mountain Breakdown</a>

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By Brookwookie
<a href=" Police at the Grammys '07 - Roxanne</a><a href=" Panic - 3-24-96 - Space Wrangler</a><a href=" Panic - 6-28-02 - Rebirtha</a>
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By SageBrush
Oh Thanks Tweeno...there goes the weekend.n Kick Ass
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