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By Stogie
The Hardy Beeatch Award...To the best arse in waders on the river..Pics hopefully to follow..
By Jed
Dave, this photo was not about the beer, but something else. It just goes to prove that you should return to those regular AA meetings your parole officer suggested. This is one of the few times that I'll say "Yyou take the beer, I'll take the beer holder."jed
By Deerhawk
...And so that begs the question, has she "Opened a can of worms"???? And if What's she got in there anyway???n Hmmmmmmm?????
By Deerhawk
So many questions, Grasshopper..... :coffee:
By St. Simon
I've just figured out why she's spin casting and not flyfishing...She doesn't have anywhere to put a fly patch!!! n The Hardy Girl rules!!!n Nemo:n See if you can get an interview with the Hardy Girl for The Drake. Maybe we can get Dave L to work some magic for the cover showing Ms. Hardy with a Drake tattoo on her arse!
By alanthealan
Brookwookie wrote:Image

I really like how this photo captures the moment, telling a entire story in one framed image.
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