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By Float Rod
Newbie....that word is ear piercing....
By coloradicus
[/img]'m just glad to be here, hope I can do the best for my team. Good Lord willing, things will work out right""You know, an old friend of mine used to say, its a simple throw the ball, catch the ball, and hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains...Think about that for a while"
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By Rusty Hook
If we could all learn to think outside the box, it would trigger a major paradigm shift.
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By Bruiser
"put you on fish""throwing" instead of "casting" or "fishing"There's no cure for the common birthday I guess.
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By Ajax
BOOM!Schwing!Oh Snap!Three good examples of douchespeak.
By chuffer
Wookie already beat me to it, but I may go on a killing spree of epic proportions the next time I hear the phrase, "at the end of the day".
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By Rusty Hook
Originally posted by Ajax:n BOOM!Schwing!Oh Snap!Three good examples of douchespeak.
Oh no you di'nt!
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By The Volfish
The Bubble Burst...WTF? Enough already. How bout, the greedy bastards priced themselves outta the market and are now stuck dealing with the shit sammich they served.
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