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By viking
Originally posted by Ed:n tight lines.
I'll see your tight lines and raise you a Fish On!
By Highsticken
Boo-Ya makes my skin crawl.
By Gaper
"AWWW SON!" Image
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By Snagly
Water column, as opposed to "water" (or even Doric/ Ionian/ Corinthian -- with or w/o leather -- "columns"). But not both unless it's a water spout or maybe a frozen waterfall.
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By cabasturd
FishingI'd like to thank my sponsor.n It's great to be outdoors.n Mother Nature sure has a lot to offer.n What a way to get out of the rat race.Sports (football)It was a total team effort.n We played hard on both sides of the ball.n Turnovers killed us.n Penalties killed us.n Special teams killed us.n The game was won in the trenches.n We've been saying all along that we just needed to catch a break.n Today we played the way we're capable of playing
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By Rusty Hook
Long distance release.Montana handshake.It's not about catching fish.Before The Movie.
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By TX.
Oh yes...before the movie....I can remember...
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By shunned
Austrian vacuous bollocks choplings...Dig deep then dig even deeper.Raise the bar.Lift your game.Put in some hard yards.Get in the zone.
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By troutsmack
when not catching fish...[/img]t's just great to be out here"or"think outside of the box""that's what I'm talking about"from Philip Fulmer "we're gonna work like heck"
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By Ajax
Originally posted by Letort Spring:n Pole instead of Rod. n Noodle Rodn They're all gonna die anyway
Those goddamn things just may have killed as many Michigan steelhead as gill nets.
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