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By Shane
'nuff said.S
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By epol
industry professionalmy badit's ok, they are stocked
By Black Dog
"look at the shoulders on that fish"
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1. I am a prostaffer from cabelas (so what)n 2. it looks like rain (no shit)n 3.I just tied those knots yesterday( God help you)n 4.we are here to win (well no shit)n 5. Last but certainlay not least something from the Gaper, [/img]ajor Player" this created quite the buzz in my shop we are using it to signify asssholes.
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god i feel so liberated now, it must be my new medication.
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By SageBrush
"Let me out of the Trunk"n "Let me out of the Trunk"n [/img] won't tell anybody I swear[/img]od...if I hear that one more time........n Like know their going to tell.......
[/img]t beats working"n I just fucking fell in broke my rod and almost drowned.Spent $100 on gas and ruined two tires to get here.That does not beat working.
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By Snagly
Amen, brothers Sage and SOBF. A few others,[/img]t'll smoke up just fine""Whaddamine it's hooked on the gill cover? I saw it hooked in the mouth in the water. It shook the hook on its last death roll and ended up in the gill cover.""That hook's plenty sharp. I don't need to sharpen it." [15 minutes later: Goddamnit! That bow was 4lbs!]Buddy catches 2 or 3 in a row in the a.m. "That's 4 so far for the day. What do you have? 1-for-2 or something?" Ten hours later at the takeout, you mention that, since he was counting fish, you reckon your released your 20th about a half hour ago. The invariable reply (haughty), [/img] didn't realize it was a competition."When I catch an honest to goodness 12lb steelhead, buddy Slick is always good for "That'll go 9-10lbs -- it's about 29-30." (At least it got me in the habit of carrying a soft tape with me everywhere.)From the preceding, I guess I understand why Slick and I took a multi-year break from doing fishing tours together (plus the unfaithful bastard got married: where's loyalty in that action?* * * * * "She's not that bad looking" (To which the only reply is that she looks like a near-dead chum , but "She'll probably smoke up nicely once you've got the thermometer in her.").

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By chuffer
"Basically, (anything...)" starting any statement with the word basically is getting really damned old
Basically, I resemble that remark.
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