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By eponymous
"Today is the day that so and so became a "Real Yankee". (Said in an annyoying new yawk accent with a touch of guido eye-talyin thrown in for good measure.)fuuuuuck you. Yankees lose thaaaaaa Yankees lose...bwahahahaha.n Anything uttered by Joe Morgan. A baseball playing hero of mine but a god awful color man. "That was a cutter from Mariano." No fucking shit dickwad. That's all he throws.Lastly Madden. Bam. Boom. Right there."Right there" is right you tool. Right fuckin' there to be exact.
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By 2Hi2Fish
Originally posted by Snagly:n [/img]t'll smoke up just fine"
this is an acceptable phrase if, god forbid, you take a dunking and wet your stash. Usually said with a slight tremble in your voice, until you spark one and find out it did indeed smoke up just fine.
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By Rich Farino
"That's why they call it fishing and not catching!"n [/img] figured I was just stuck on a big rock again... and THEN THE ROCK MOVED!"n "Nice to meet you. You work in the flyfishing industry? Can I get a discount?"n "We need to cut your salary. Oh, can you come in early tomorrow?"n "Funny how you always seem to remember the ones you lost, huh?"Shaddupp.n -Me
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By fat tire
[/img]t's not about the fish you catch, it's about getting out and enjoying the outdoors."Fuck you! I come to catch fish not spend 80 bucks in gas, get my ass kicked on the way out by 3-4 footers to get skunked! Homos can smell all the fresh air they want! I want stinky fish fingers!
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By Smithhammer
Recently overheard from an over-worked fly shop employee:Q: "What's hatching right now?"A: [/img]t's fucking OCTOBER, Einstein - whaddya think?"Q: "How'd you know I was from Utah?"A: "Ummmm...."Q: "What are they bitin' on?"A: "End of my line, muthafucka."Q: "Where would you recommend people from out of town stay?"A: "Home."Q: [/img]ot any free flies?"A: "Yeah, all the ones on the windowsill."

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By chuffer
"Fair to middling."
Where the hell are you located to hear that one being over-used? 1956?
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