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By Redchaser
To be a good husband a father. All morning this morning I watched out of the office window as the flag on top of our local courthouse hung limp without a breath of wind to move it. The sun was shining, and the temperatures got up to 75. I know damn good and well the redfish are swarming on the East bank of Calcasieu Lake, just waiting to eat a fly.When I got off work at noon, I was sorely tempted to hook up the boat and hit the water, but I know my wife had a rough day yesterday, and it would have really sucked for me to stick her by herself with the kid this afternoon. I sucked it up, stayed home and cooked dinner. I didn't even mope around talking about what a great day it would have been on the water. Somebody buy me a freaking dress.P.S. At least I cooked dinner on the smoker, do I don't feel like a total Nancy.Tight Lines, Ron
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By Nemo
So in other words, she said you couldn't go.
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By Redchaser
Originally posted by nemo:n So in other words, she said you couldn't go.
Nemo,I din't even ask or bring it up. I saving my yard pass for Sunday. Savannah...shhhhhhhhh (P.S. it's Kase)
By bigtj
You did the right thing. It's tough but in the long run that's the glue that keeps the relationship going. Well done.
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By epol
Red you get my vote for the Dr Phil husband of the year award.
By Brookwookie
Sainted Wife frequently kicks me "the hell out of the house" to go fishing, which is better than being smothered with a pillow while I sleep.Greatest catch of my life.
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