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By drunkenclown
How the hell do you set a avatar???
By viking
What kind of strike indicator should I use?
By Spooled
Are twist tops really worse for the beer?
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By Reef Runner
Send Mangina a PM- he will tell you. But you need to send him an old pair of flip flops as well.
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By befuddled
whats an avatar?
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By burgerthumb
How do I prevent my polypropylene from smelling like garbage, garbage with onions in it?
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By Rusty Hook
Why do people live so much longer than dogs?
By drunkenclown
these questions and more answered at GOFUCKYOURSELF.COM
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By Wingnut

<small>[ November 14, 2007, 10:27 PM: Message edited by: Wingnut ]</small>
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By Rusty Hook
This one's on me: [url=]How to set an avatard[/url] n You're welcome. :coffee:

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