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By Mad_Mike
If you boys think its bad having to see this shit on a message board and compare it to your life.. try living in the same city and being in constant contact with this fucker..

Hell of a year jerms ( i was there for some of it)... and just know the calls and texts won't stop coming from me.. even if you keep having to say no..

Here's to '17.. may I have half the year i'm sure Jerms will.. :cool
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my young Friend you had me on the vert rep , ( 1st photo) on page 1. You are blessed in so many ways. May the beer always be cold.
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By jerms
Thanks fellas.

Had a few pretty rough edges to 2016, then I go and put this post together and it really puts things into perspective.
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By P-A
Fuck mate you makes us all look like fuckers without lifes, i dig that about you :cool :cool :cool say hi to the family from the Viking :cheer :Roll Eyes
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By fatman
Crick Addict wrote:What just happened? :cool
2017....the year they ALL come out of the woodwork....
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By fly-chucker
damn, my year sucked

compared to this :cool
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