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By SouthFork
That did not suck...I miss NZ.
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By CrispyCracker
Gorgeous images. Thank you, jerms, for beautifully profiling a bucket list spot. This is the sort of content I hoped to find when I signed up a few days ago.

Not that the penis drawings and Middle Eastern porn have been a letdown, mind you. I didn't even know schlong art existed as a genre, and fully clothed sex really fires the imagination.
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By CrispyCracker
Go muck yourself, Deadwestern.

Damn these typos.
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Damn J. Well played. As usual. :cool
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By jerms
[report]Decided to roll all my time in NZ this year into one thread.

Got out with an old friend who mostly hunts here. Weather was total shit, overcast and blowing like Crispycracker's mom.

Still, we managed to spot a few picky fish in the lake, and my buddy hooked a real beast only to have it bend the hook open just outside of close enough to net.

Regardless, we celebrated with a couple of whiskeys he had squirreled away before heading back.



I went back to the same place solo a week later and there were 5 vehicles parked at the trailhead, thanks to a DOC newsletter touting how great this particular place fishes and the incredible condition of its inhabitants. I backtracked a bit and considered the map for a while, finally settling on another lake nearby.

I didn't have much time, and didn't even build my rod as I figured I'd only hike in, take a look, and have to return at another time to fish it properly. Walking quickly along the lake's edge to make it all the way round in time to make the long drive I had ahead of me, I run smack into a good fish facing me from only a few rod lengths away. I immediately fell prone, hoping it hadn't seen enough of me to go sulking off.

Seemed like it took forever to build the rod and get a new leader all set up, then I belly crawled away and around behind where I had last seen this fish. From the angle I had there was significant glare on the water, but I could see a dark smudge that just had to be the fish. I made a cast, and as soon as the fly hit the water the fish cruised into view... and my cast was well off as the dark smudge I had cast to was not a fish. The fish cruised slowly down the bank, in a line that would take him 15' from my fly. I couldn't pick it up to recast or he would surely spook, so I had to just sit there, frozen, and watch things unfold. Just as he passed by parallel to where the fly was he turned 90 degrees and sped up to close the distance on the size 14 peacock humpy. He nosed it twice before deciding to gulp it down.

Not the biggest fish, but an incredible specimen with not a single scale out of place.


More to come...[/report]
By croaker
Beats the hell out of a lay over in Atlanta. :bow

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By Hogleg
Randall Dee wrote:In my best Hogleg impersonation.....

"Good. Real good".
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By Snagly
Since you're going to be in Antarctica for a few weeks (months?), before you leave would you mind posting the names and compass headings for those lakes?

I figure that 11 hours on the plane (excluding transit stop in Mitch's backyard) gets me to Queenstown and another four hours in a rental should put me on the spot. Just need an "X" or three . . . . :cool

Nicely done with the stalked fish.
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