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By Hogleg
[report]We have this fucked up system at work for submitting vacation requests. It really sucks for a poor planner lime me. You basically look at this big calendar and see how many folks have requested off for the week you want off a full year in advance and if there's more than two requests that week you're basically fucked.

These fuckers I work with plan well in advance and will submit a request 365 days on the nose, mostly for like Christmas and Spring break and shit.

So today I was like "Fuck! The Luau! I missed it!" and then Ilooked at the calendar. Three people (all douche bag employees) had already put in requests for that week. I was fucked.

I submitted my request anyway, fuck it, couldn't hurt right?

So about 2 hours later the phone at our work station rings. I've answered this phone hundreds of times, maybe thousands to be honest, and never before noticed what I saw today before I picked it up to see who was calling:
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It was my boss calling to let me know that my vacation was approved.

Fuckin' A.

The Pots trailer is headed north come July.[/report]
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By CarelessEthiopian
Fantastic. We'll have another caravan. Meet you at the auto shop so they can fix my flat again?
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By Hogleg
CarelessEthiopian wrote:Fantastic. We'll have another caravan. Meet you at the auto shop so they can fix my flat again?
Yep, I'll plan on clogging up the toilet in the fly shop while your tire is getting fixed.
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By fishskibum
i gots a smarty phones now but if ya see some lebowski lookin dude towing a tupparewhare mothership
baked and lost at the rest stops put em in the caravan
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By D-nymph
Luau will be here before you know it bump...
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By ironman
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By Lando
At least we aren't doing this thing in Lander...............

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By Average Joe
Lando mentioned the idea of hiring a BBQ truck for one night if everyone was up for that.

He'd probably want a rough idea of how many people are planning to attend before moving ahead with something like that.

You could pick up the cost for that if you'd like Heero. It would save you from having to do any shopping.
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