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By ironman
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote:Mayhap I will come this year, but perchance I shat...
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By Hogleg
Hey Lando,

With the early and eager responses so for maybe you should consider renting one of those ship containers this year. You know what I mean right? Have it dropped on site and picked up after.

Could be used for a rape room, or dead hooker storage, perhaps even a safe place to lock someone up for a spell until they've sufficiently metabolized what they've consumed to the extent which they can be let out amongst the masses without a baby sitter.

Think about it. I'll chip in for it.
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By leadoverdistance
I am down for this if my flight schedule allows....
I have a raft if necessary that Darthwader left some flies in, so it may be of use.
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By K_P
Four pages in, and that mystery douchebag from Wyoming hasn't chimed in, threatening Lando for allegations of improper conduct on the Wind.

Soon, I suspect...

Unfortunately for me, these dates (historically awesome river conditions, btw) conflict with a promised vacation with Mrs. KP. I'll have to wait for some future event to meet some more of you fine miscreants citizens.
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By Ginseng Sullivan
ironman wrote:
D-nymph wrote:I'll be there, trying to coordinate with coolmanchu for a potential extended stay as well.
This is why I belled last night. Sakonnet and I are in for a prebake travel, and the Luau itself.

A friend I fish with on the upper D has a house and drift boat on the Mo.
Geography 101
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are there actual fish there, just curious because all i see really is drinking going on with the odd rod being held. this is looking like the year. reckon a rent a wreck from billings.
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By PastorBen
hey there

I am going to try and make it this year....have the weekend blocked off for some away time....

Grace and see you there....

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By Woolybug25
PastorBen wrote:hey there

I am going to try and make it this year....have the weekend blocked off for some away time....

Grace and see you there....


Well there it is... I'm in...
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By Ramcatt
Lando wrote:Billings is usually the cheapest flights, .

yeah and the overnight accommodations are lovely

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By austrotard
they'll hold your flight to denver for almost two hours if you're late.


fair fucking dinkum.
I shan't be telling you again.
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