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By tom
Is there any fish that gets your blood pumping, that youd rather fish for than anything else?For me, it is small native brookies in jumpable small streams. I won't get into "speckled gems" or "wild beauties" but I love them. Manage to sneak up on them and it almost doesn't even matter what sort of big bushy dry your using. I had a real good day on a #8 brown gurgler.
By bigtj
Steelhead. Nothing like having 10 lbs. of chrome-bright, sea-run rainbow trout smashing your fly and making you feel abused as it kicks your ass.-John
By coolconman
I love golden trout and grayling on the 3 wt. I also get a little dreamy about big ole montana cutthroats. :cool: But I plan on starting my steelhead habit pretty soon since i'm living in oregon these days and everyone tells me that after quite some time of cursing them and not catching anything but cold, dumb luck will persevere and I will catch my first one and will immediately come down with a severe case of steelheadatosis. I can't wait!

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By FliesOnly
Steelhead numero uno. Nothing like it....I also have strong feelings for brookies in very small streams and carnivorous brownies at night though.......
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By BigTimber
Bullheads. From my Minnesota days. I never will forget watching my Grandmother catching them on her Popeil Pocket Fisher and them smashing them over the head with a rock. Ahhhhh, memories. n These days I'm lusting after the 20" Largemouth lurking in my pond. I saw him leap out of the water at a bluegill I had on. I was so surprised that the poor little bluegill went flying 30 ft behind me. In a couple of weeks (if the blizzard leaves Montana) it'll be the wild browns and rainbows on DePuy's.n Ben
By Brookwookie
Originally posted by flyfish1159:n In a couple of weeks (if the blizzard leaves Montana) it'll be the wild browns and rainbows on DePuy's.
My new favorite fish is I hate you, Ben.
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By BigTimber
Dave,It's not my fault I've gotta go see the in-laws for Christmas. Oh wait. Yeah it is. That's one of the main reasons I married her.n Ben
By bigtj
coolconman,Where are you in Oregon? The steelhead bug has me by the short hairs, I just bought a drift boat and am targeting a number of rivers in the southern half of Oregon. Can't wait for the winter run to show up on the Rogue. Be careful it's a long, slippery slope you're about to step on!-John
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