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I think that I get more stoked about hatches/runs/spawns and what time of year it is. n For instance if its early spring I get jacked about the skwala hatch. Mid may the smallies are on their nests, Aug/Sept of odd years the pinks are running, so on and what not. I like the idea that, around here the fishing is good all year long. n WT
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By tim_s
browns....especially big, after dark ones that you struggle to get a decent photo of.....kind of like this one
Image although stripers are starting to grow on me.....and there's something about a backwater somehwere, mid july, evening, peepers, a cigar and a largemouth exploding on a deer hair popper.....
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By Jon
Steelhead. Trout, especially on dries, are a pleasant diversion, and smallmouth bass are fun too. But if we had a viable summer run here in the Eastern Great Lakes, I'd probably never fish for anything else but steelhead.
By Kat
Give me bright chrome steel, nothing like it. If you haven't tried it be very careful, everything else you fish for will be compared to it and nothing comes even close!
By Brookwookie
Originally posted by Jon:n if we had a viable summer run here in the Eastern Great Lakes, I'd probably never fish for anything else but steelhead.
There are skamania in the Salmon River. Are they not viable? I don't know much about them.
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By Nemo
5) golf course goldfishn 4) Sturgeonn 3) Razorback Chubn 2) Rocky Mountain Whitefishn 1) Bullheads Baby!
By Jed
Its like asking which woman that I've made love to was the best. There was the wild one, the one with all that strength and vigor that didn't quit, the one that was so beautiful I was almost afraid to touch her, and then the love of my life...Same is true with fish. But I must admit having a soft spot for the Brookie. When I bring one in and look at ther beauty, the grace and especially the fall colors there is nothing more beautiful on earth. If I could only catch one kind of fish I would be very sad and miss the strength of the striper, the tenaciousness of the blue or the majesty of the salmon but in the end, I'd go away contented with my friend the Brookies.jed
By bigtj
Nemo,Lay down the crackpipe and step away from the computer!Seriously, those are some funny choices, although I prefer the LA river goldfish to the golf course strai
:( .-John
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