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By McManus
My favorite is whatever is close so I can fish TODAY!If it swims I wanna catch it. I want to fish as many days as I can, so most often I get LMB, and bluegill, but I love smallies, browns, rainbows, goggle eye, and I'm still waiting to catch a mermaid.
By Deerhawk
I must say in all honesty, Onorhynchus Mykiss, weither they stay at home or vacation at the sea-side are by far my favorite. A close second would be Oregon Coastal Cuttie's! But you know, those pic's of Daves Yeller's sure do bring back memories of stalking the Lilly Pads on a hot August afternoon, you know, just before the Thunderboomers blow through in central New England. Shorts, an old pair of sneakers, a 5wt and a box of poppers and dry's. Boy that bring's it back :(
By Chromer
OK, here's my top ten..1) Coastal nickel bright natives with a splash of sea lice please.n 2) roosters of the surf, on a baja surfing tripn 3) Do-Do's under kelp (dolphin, dorado, mahi, you know, the saltwater rainbow)n 4) Silver Creek browns chowing mice patterns under a full moon (ahh, how romantic)n 5) oregon bankside-redsidesn 6) the freckle-faced spotted bay bass of Newport Bayn 7) Bahama Bonezn 8) El Dorado Golf Course bucketmouths in the LBCn 9) My backyard Carpiesn 10) long spey casts to B run topwater steel on the Deschutessturgeon deserves to be here too, but then again, I'll let you know when I get one on a fly rod! (just can't get over the idea of putting smelly jelly on my feathers...)Oh yeah, word of advice on the golf course thing..n I'd say "check the regs" but you can torch those if you plan on hopping a fence with security signs:n Always listen for choppers, the security folks in Socal don't mess around, especially in the hood:n Wear dark clothes:n Trees are good to hide behind, but make sure you keep your tip up unless you spray paint your rods "flat black" to hide the shiny flex coat..OK, I'll stop now......
By Vermonter
Brook trout and LL Salmon born wild. I'm going to get a shot at Arctic Charr next June, pretty excited about that...
By Surly
Atlantic salmon - was fortunate to have a dad who drove me up to the Penobscot starting in middle school. Fished it every year until the closure, then one trip to Canada.First bonefish trip was a couple weeks ago. They have me very intrigued.A trip to the Sierra Nevada in '03 for goldens was awesome. We're headed back this coming summer.But around home, it's the brookie.
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By flyfisheraa573
Cutties if possible, but browns in the HI are always good.

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By Brookwookie
Originally posted by WT:n This is the saddest picture I've seen in a long time. It looks like you got the whole family.n [sob] WT
Haha. Not my catch, sadly, but that's the makings of a fine bowl of poor man's shrimp.
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By Jon
Originally posted by Dave L:n There are skamania in the Salmon River. Are they not viable? I don't know much about them. [/QB]
I spend relatively little time fishing the Salmon. There are better steelhead creeks much closer to where I live. I have stopped there on my way to the Adk's to check out summer runs (and landlocked salmon) and it's been pretty much hit or miss (mostly miss) The water gets very warm in summer, and I'm sure there are a lot of other factors at work too.Love the perch pictures. :cool: Almost made me want to go ice-fishing. Almost.
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