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By FliesOnly
:) :( :o :D ;) :p :confused: n yup
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By Nemo
whoever Chromer is, this list is awesome:OK, here's my top ten..n 1) Coastal nickel bright natives with a splash of sea lice please.n 2) roosters of the surf, on a baja surfing tripn 3) Do-Do's under kelp (dolphin, dorado, mahi, you know, the saltwater rainbow)n 4) Silver Creek browns chowing mice patterns under a full moon (ahh, how romantic)n 5) oregon bankside-redsidesn 6) the freckle-faced spotted bay bass of Newport Bayn 7) Bahama Bonezn 8) El Dorado Golf Course bucketmouths in the LBCn 9) My backyard Carpiesn 10) long spey casts to B run topwater steel on the It reminds me of that moment in the movie "Rounders," when Ed Norton says to Matt Damon: "You know what puts me in a good mood when I'm down? Kings rolled up over aces, taking big fat pots off of stupid tourists" (Or something like that.) Anyway, that's just a goddamn great list. (But the "rare shoal bass carcass" had me cryin')
By cfisher
1.) Lake Superior Coasters: Big, native, anadromous brookies...yeeahh!2.) Wild, Lake Superior Steelhead, although they aren't native may be at odds with coasters...3.) Westslope cutts in the various Wilderness areas of western MT rising to, well shit, it doesn't really matter what you throw so lets make it July and toss a yellow stimulator.4.) Boundary Waters smallmouths, poppers, June, lots of DEET!5.) Bull Trout, just knowing they live where you fish makes every 8" cutt flopping on the surface an opportunity to see what it means to be at top of the food chain... 6.) Bluegills, first ice, mousies, and a well-seasoned fry pan waiting on the stove.7.) Grayling rising off weddbeds in the July evening in this little lake up "near" Hungry Horse, MT8.) Big Lake on the Bois Brule, late Aug., Lake Superior run browns, mouse patterns9.) ANY wild, native salmon! 10.) Northern Pike, big teeth, big fish, big flies, big slime, big fun
By slenon
WILD rainbow trout in a small stream
By coolconman
Originally posted by stimmy:n 1.) Lake Superior Coasters: Big, native, anadromous brookies...yeeahh!
I've had a hard on for coaster brookies since I saw pictures of them in one of those other vile worthless rags. Fishing for those babies is my second priority, right after sea-run browns and peacock bass in argentina. That "Rare Shoal Bass Carcass" is fucking awesome though.Oh and bigtj, I'm up in portland. A little ways from the rogue but not nearly far enough(or close enough). I fished the salmon fly hatch on the Holy Water stretch last summer with a friend that used to live in Medford.
By Tricky
huh....that pic just doesn't so em much justice...they are at least three times that big!The only thing they usually spit is the bones of smart asses who fish for cuddly cute little trout :cheer: Creeklover, where you tanglin with redeyes at?
By Deerhawk
Hammer, dat's one UGLY Some'Bitch! Why I heardtell they lurk'n the shaller's feedin on stray pets 'n youngin's!n That's the Devil's work it is :p
By satan
Originally posted by Deerhawk:n That's the Devil's work it is :p
Well if I remember correctly I think it happened the night me and the big G(that's what I call him down here) were smoking a joint (c'mon, you think he would have created the shit if he wasn't planning on using it occasionally?) and started talking about crazy stuff we'd done. Well big G started bragging about all the confusion he'd created with that duckbilled platypuss thingamajig. So I was like, "Shit man, you think that's crazy, how bout this. We'll take a fish, give it some big ass teeth, and the head of horse." I think it was about an hour later I dared G to actually create the thing. At first he was like "No way man, i've got a rep to protect." So I double dared him, and he still turned me down, but I could tell he was starting to cave so I brought out the big guns. [/img] Double-DOG dare you man!" Well God was just sitting there stunned. He knew he couldn't turn down the mother of all dares, there was nothing left to do but build the damn thing. So to make a long story short, he created it, let it loose, and then we went to taco bell. :cool:
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By Adams
Originally posted by stimmy:n 1.) Lake Superior Coasters: Big, native, anadromous brookies...yeeahh!8.) Big Lake on the Bois Brule, late Aug., Lake Superior run browns, mouse patterns
SSHHH. The Coasters are all gone and the carry into Big Lake is posted. No sense wasting your time here folks. Just move along. . .Adams
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By banknote
Summer steelhead saved my fishing soul. Anything that peels line off at alarming speed from a warm, sandy beach comes in a close second (crevalle jacks come to mind. Or toro, urel, etc, if you prefer.)And Deschutes redsides never cease to amaze me with their spirit and brute strength.n Nice to find a bunch of flyfishers out there who don't take themselves too damn seriously. You'll likely be seeing me here some more, so I guess this would be my official howdy. Howdy, folks. See ya around.
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