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Average Joe wrote:
... wrote:Keep your hickey out of her arse....


I'd be able to give a more informed response if I knew your native language.




Average Joe... :coffee
Randall Dee wrote:Top notch writing.

It's like reading the TV guide.
I'm at the airport waiting on a flight. I got about four words into it and had to stop, it was so bad... them read your description, RD and burst out in laughter. Parents moved their children away.
gnosh wrote:These are the Gents who make the Drake what it is - a lousy piece of internet crap. Unhappy boys no doubt that can only get their jollies in life on this shit slab of a forum

<in no particular order>

Guess that's eight, so, oh fuck it...
Thanks for updating the list. This one is not similar at all to the old Top Ten Douchebaggisrs list.

For the record, i feel that a thumbring really ties an outfit together nicely. Especially if a cape is involved.
The Wandering Blues wrote:There outta be a sticker made.
If one gets made I think I'll take a pass.
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