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By Waderfunk
[report]Excuse my ignorance but I forgot how to embed music.

Winter time is here but it doesn't feel like it. Town is still void of tourists but the weather has been amazing. Most of my days consist of putting orders together and organizing the shop. Every single day is spent with the funnest coworker around.
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Still with the lack of tourists I find myself on the river untangling knots and congratulating folks on their beautiful fish.
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In between being a dad, spouse, and trying to run a fly shop Socks and I made it out to see DeadRatsClacker and tie for Streamer Lovefest. Got to see a bunch of Drakians that I haven't had the chance to hang out with in far to long and of course got to chase some big browns in blue bird skies and low water.
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Waylon got to help his Uncle John and G-Pops celebrate their Valentines Day birthdays
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In the mean time the small windows I find I sneak away and hit some of the local haunts.
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Life as of late has been pretty damn good and I only see it getting better. Jess and I have had so much fun watching our little man grow like a weed and gain his personality. I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be. WNC is home and always will be. It's different having my roots firmly planted but I don't think I've ever been in such a good place. Cheer fellas :cool[/report]
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By Lando
Did you get your sweatshirt?
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By jerms
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By Bobwhite
So great to see Waylon cutting it up with your father.

Thanks for the update!
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By fallen513
Who is this guy?!
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By TX.
That was real nice.
Now get back to the sweatshop!
You have orders to fill.
(Fuck'n Newbert)
PS. Funny how often you throw big streamers now;)
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By Vito
Looks good indeed. :cool
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By Redchaser
Good stuff Franny, thanks for giving us a peek
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