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By Hogleg
Real Good man. Real good.
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By austrotard
sorry to be the old fashioned fucker but spouse means you done got married.

so did you done got married?
misery lerves company and all that shit.

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By Snagly
If you ever make it to Christmas Island, those streamers will also catch 50-100lb GTs. Just bring the 7 weight and you're good.

Nice browns, Charlie and the finned variety!
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Good stuff, Slim. Enjoy every moment. :cool
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By RaZ
looks like the funnest time ever. well done on those dinosaur browns.
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By BigTimber
Looks like I have not "chosen wisely".

A fine life you have there.
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By -G-
Always have loved the trout browns you catch out of smaller creeks. Tie flies too. Now here's to the little one :cool
By BobLoblaw
whatcha tying?

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