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By McH
Your TR tardiness is forgiven.
Gierach's Labrador chapters are always a favorite.
(And your paintings of course :Roll Eyes )

:bow :cool
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By kish
Dammit. I was hoping for dog pics. Oh well, this was OK I guess.
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By -G-
Bobwhite wrote:As beautiful as it was... I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. The change in the bush plane's pitch woke me up... and we were at the lodge.
Man for some reason this one hit me like a ton of bricks. Sure do miss sleeping In Larsen's and Enbrings plane and waking up to that exact same change in pitch as we made our way down to the pak, upper nush... or waking up as some pressure turbulence shook us while passing thru the kilbucks on the way to the togiak- and just drooling over those snow capped jagged peaks.
Thanks for the flashback.

Also, that river is beautiful and hope to see it in person one day.

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By Kfoxwyo
Please tell me that the black flies were murderous...? That looks like a hell of a week, thanks for making Friday better.
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By flatscaster
Are you kidding me!? Just kind of finally found a few minutes to drop that? That was terrific bob. Great shots.
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By cantfishforshit.
Rough life, Bob. :cool
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