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By Hogleg
That sounds exactly like my old yeller lab Jobe. He and Tucker will make fast friends on the other side of that bridge.

Peace to you man.
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By yard4sale
Tried all day to think of something soothing to say. I got nothing. This kind of shit breaks my heart. My dads dog I inherited is getting close to the same. Their hearts never fade, making it all that much more difficult.

Sorry man, hang tough.
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By kish
Damn dogs. Why do we do it to ourselves?
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By fatman
Dogspeed, Tucker
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By PastorBen
Hey there

my heart aches for you and your family...having gone through this with Mz Ashley last year.....I would be as so bold as to offer this prayer for Tucker....

Gracious and Merciful God, you are the creator of all that is and all that will be.
You have charged human kind to be stewards over your creation.
You have blessed us with many wonderful and magnificent creatures, that provide food and substance for us. In your great wisdom you also provided us Dogs, that they may work with us and be companions to us, showering their boundless love and devotion upon us.

I commend to you this day a wonderful and loving companion, Tucker, a Dog of unconditional love and bottomless companionship. Receive this pup, of your creation, into the arms of your comfort and love. May Tucker find himself healthy and whole once again. May he have the joy of romping in the fields, woodlands, and the watery places. May his food dish always be full and the table scraps plentiful. May his water dish always be full of sweet cool spring water. May he always have a warm comfortable couch to sleep on. As you receive Tucker back into your Arms, comfort his human family as they grieve. Help them to understand that their difficult decision to end Tuckers suffering, is the greatest example of love and devotion to one of your creations. That their compassion is not in vain. We ask this all in Jesus Christ our redeemers name…Amen

Grace and peace

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