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By austrotard
needs more hawt 40s bird.

Average Joe wrote:
No photos of Mitch? He always implies that the two of you grew up together, so I'm surprised he didn't join you.

I arrived the day after... to clean up the mess, of course.
I believe they call it like damage control or some shit.
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By Transylwader
Jah Irie! Bless da whole crop.
I bet you must have felt like Jan Van Riebeeck and his horny dutchman returning to the Cape of Good Dope back in the 1600's.
Goed gespeel, jou bliksem! :smile
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By Lurgee
I bet it was hard to leave.
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By Bruiser
excellent - especially the photos :cool
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By fly-chucker
Fresh sea vittles, bones and a homecoming. doesn't get much better than that :cool
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By ironman
the only hashtag you missed was #hewesskiffs

:cool Amigo

let me know what luncheon item might best compliment the hot sauce. that way, Rammer, Peebs et al can appreciate it at its zenith.
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