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By mine I guess you can summarize that I don't use bait or lures....fairly unoriginal, but hey I like it!
How about some you'd like to see? walkingearbox: the guy wearing more gear than he could possibly use pompassfly: the upstream-only, dry-fly purist rudestrider: the guy who busts a move through the hole you've been sizing up from the bank likeafishneedsabicycle: the guy on the float trip that can't (or won't) row
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Monikers I would like to see...n Boobfly, with avatar.n Piefly, again with avatar.n Wasaguideonce, self explanatory.n WorldTravlr, rich guy that has fished all around the world but couldn't tie a double surgeons to save his life.n NARC, there's one on every board.n The Expert, we all know him (see wasaguideonce).n Royal McGinty, been fly fishing for 89 yrs and tells all how good it used to be.n Golf-Pro-Fly-Fisher, does absolutely noting for a living, almost as bad as...n Dirtbag-Powderhound-Troutbum, sells swag to buy food & beer.n They're all here but they mostly choose and alias. n WT, somewhere between Golfpro Dude and Skier- Troutbum.

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Unfortunately we will no longer find jcastlikeabiiatch......
Dear Mr. Salty in Tampa (if indeed that is your real name), the seditious degenerate of whom you speak, GeritolAngler, has been solidly and most thoroughly banned from LOAF, in perpetuity, for among other things, daring to criticize me, and for being a pederast. I have this second allegation on good information from my dear friend, Ed.No doubt GA has crawled out of the cesspool to emerge under a different name on this diseased, poorly maintained port-a-potty of a board.Now, if you'll exucse me, I need to weigh in on some real issues on my own board. May God have mercy on your sick souls.Yours in Christ,J. Pastwellp.s. - I'm not sure how someone was able to obtain pictures of Lady FF's mammarial region and my yesterday's breakfast, but I'm looking into it.
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Originally posted by Salty in Tampa:n Hang out at LOAF, you'll find:Wasaguideoncen WorldTravlrn NARCn The Expertn Royal McGinty (I think there is a Royal McGinty there, no B.S.)
Maybe you don't get it Salty. Those guys are here its just that they are operating under different names. I would like to see them come out from hiding. n For instance...n Grouse&Green = Golfpro-fisher-duden The way Ed is always preaching to us makes him The Expert.n FlesOnly, definetly the Worldtraveler type.n The Royal McGinty shoes are nicely filled by Thee Trouthole, his jokes were probably funny 70 yrs ago.n Smithammer should just come out from undercover and go by NARC, it's been obvious for a while now.n I just wish we could figure out who the Ski/Troutbum is.WT

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