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By K_P
Clearly, you are the cleverest of the Asian Spambots that have come to define this place.

However, it would appear that you are welcome to stay. :cool
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By Cary
Ave of the giants. Thanks for taking me back

In for sure
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By Vito
It appears there is hope.
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Guy went to the trouble of blacking out his own face, even here, in 2017. Like a commie mowing his lawn in Pripyat after Chernobyl melted down.

I admire that.
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By dunk
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By Hogleg
Well fuck me.

I'd pert near given up.
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By Woolybug25
The Prince That Was Promised.
By croaker
Been a long dry spell since someone has done it good.

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By fishskibum
photobucket nipped your goods fore mr lee
fish nugs gods and i gots both of them shoulders
are amongst the things in your post that made me smile
Meh. Your photography skills need some work. We'll talk.

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