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By The Po Thead
pbrstreetgang wrote: Sun May 07, 2017 9:08 pm I was going to ask how the Kirkland shitquila was for hangovers, but remembered you've probably sampled the "Soldier's Choice" line of spirits from the Class 6 at some point.

solid reportage.
Not bad, really... better than Jose?
Snagly wrote: Sun May 07, 2017 8:04 pm as long as you don't chainsaw off a limb while in an altered state.
Thankfully the only limbs cut were from dead fallen trees. I was beyond the level of sobriety to operate that shit. Used an echo 3 9'6" 8wt with an airflo floating line, most of the time, with a heavier line and a short heavy sink tip for swinging the deeper stuff.
austrotard wrote: Sun May 07, 2017 9:09 pm fuck france.
Fuck France!
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Well damn. That's the good stuff. :cool
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By Transylwader
Gotdang! Living proper! Well played meester :cool
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By yard4sale
You didn't want to bring the big BBQ? Weird....

Good shit man. Been getting into the single handed spey stuff myself, super fun!
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By Redchaser
The dog is pissed that you didn't blur out his face too.
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By stillsteamin
Fuck I need to get up there.

I'll vouch for Kirkland being better than Jose. Not that that means a whole lot.

Edit: happy late birthday and props on fielding a lady who will do that kind of stuff with you. I've had 'em both ways and I'll say I much prefer the adventurous type. Perhaps they aren't as hard to find in AK.
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By flatscaster
damn man, that's doing it right. Happy Birthday.
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By Bobwhite
That was done soooo right!

Thank you.

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