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By FlyShopDude
It's nice to see a site with people that are just as crazy and almost as deranged as I am. I'm sure I will get a welcome of smart ass coments that I deserve. To introduce my self my name is Steve Dobmeier. A few of you may know me and many that won't. I used to be an apprentice to Nick Pionessa at the oofs. Now I live to be a professional poodle shaver by day and a man whore by night. I'm from Western New York but not by choice at the moment. Most people call me the young whiper snapper becuase I am only 21 years old. I can't wait to share some stories with you guys. Checked some of the post on here already and have been laughing all the way so far. Oh by the way my nightly profession of man whoring doesn't include men. I only allow women. They like to pay me for pleasure. LOL
By chuffer
So let me get this straight, you live in NY where there is tons of excellent climbing yet you spend so much time climbing indoors that you've chosen to glorify it with your screen name? Tool. STFU n00b.chuff
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By FlyShopDude
I like to think that I am not just one tool but a whole tool box. I do climb outdoors but more of my time is spent indoors. Yeah I like to glorify the fact that I pull plastic more than pullin real rock.
By tyflier
yea...a couple of hours from the gunks and this guy pulls on plastic...and brags about you fish indoors, too? :( listen, n00b...anytime you wanna catch some real fish and shred your tips on some real rock...go west, young man...

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By chuffer
I'm sure I will get a welcome of smart ass coments that I deserve.
Well, you did ask for it. :p chuff
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By Ginseng Sullivan
clearly a poser and imposter. the real pp is not exclusive to women at all. why anyone would want to climb any wall plastic or otherwise is beyond me, and then brag about it. i must be getting old. the scary part about this post is that the rest of you homo's knew what his handle meant.
By fyshnutz
PullinPlastic, WTF, you got a prosthetic dick? And furthermore another damn nuyahka, you guys are comin’ outa the woodwork. Tom, he’s obviously covert FAOL, kill him for us would you?
By tom
I only kill Easter Bunnies.
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By Smithhammer
Don't ya think we're letting this guy off a little easy? So "pullinplastic" is code for chalk-fluffin lycra monkey? I figured it was some sorta euphimism for giving handjobs to dildos. Oh well, learn sumthin' every day.Whew, I feel better. And welcome. :(
By tom
We're missing the point here people-the man shaves poodles!?!? WTF? Imagen St least we have a new champion in [/img]ayest Jobs on the Drake"
ImageHere's a good avatar for you: Image
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By Mutha Pucka
I think its bunk...not buyin it

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