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By mattgmann
k, what's the b9eer that tickles your tongue on a daily basis??n for me, Bell's Brewery (though from michigan) does a swell job with their "Two Hearted Ale". A favorite beer of mine for a few years now.Honorble mention goes to dogfish head brewery for their 60 and 90 minute IPA's, and for Midas Touch, which provides a tastey, though pricey, beer for my GF (and myself) to appreciate in non-wine situations.

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By mitch aka 2 fish
Coopers Sparkling Ale 5.8%. All day long.Hey... maybe that's why I'm just a little bit big boned/husky.I'll drive miles to find it. Maybe I should jog.I reckon it would knock you doodle dandies on your asses. Try it, you'll love it. Very flavoursome would be the best way to describe it. Sod it, I'll have another right now.
By mattgmann
5.8%....really? even 'midas touch', the girly beer provides 9% abv. I could get 5.8% with the barley swag water in the ditch down the street from my house!
By Jed
Berkshire Brewing Company's Shabadoo (black and tan). Its as good as it comes, well except for the Guinness.jed
By jamisjockey
mmmm.....bbbeeerrrrrrYeungling lager or black and tan. Or Old Dominion, its a local microbrew.
By Fishpaw
ImageYuengling Porter is the best. Newcastle second.
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By scot
By dudley
Hhmm.....what's on sale?A local shopkeeper is stuck with a mountain of ST. Paulie Girl dark and I,being a kind-hearted soul, have agreed to help him out.n Just doing my part
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By Glista
Some good choices boys. I see Fishpaw had a Southern Tier in the lineup. Some of their specialty beers are fantastic. Another good one is Heavy Seas. They just started distributing in our area, very tasty. And when I travel to the Gaspe for Atlantic salmon its Unibroue. Some of their Belgian style beers are better than the originals witch stands to reason since their brew master is from Belgium. P.S. Shawn, 5.8%??? Come on now, most of us yanks wouldn’t rub that weak crap on our nuts!
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By shutupandfish
Originally posted by Glista:n And when I travel to the Gaspe for Atlantic salmon its Unibroue.
Unibroue? Unibrow? What the... Image
whatcha tying?

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