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By Smithhammer
It's all a matter of preference, but I'm not a vest guy. Tried one for a while, and couldn'd stand how loose and jangly it was, especially when hiking and 'schwacking around. It had way more pockets and bells and whistles than I would ever need. And I felt like an old fart wearing it. I don't care how much Geirach romanticizes it - I don't ever want to be an thought of as an old fart.I've tried a few chest packs in the last year, from the Patagonia Whatsitsname, to the Clear Creek SomethingorOther, to the Filson Whatever. All were nicely made and had their good points, but I recently got my hands on a Fishpond Windwalker pack, and my search has ended. This thing rocks. It's well thought out, well-made, just the right size for my day's worth of needs on the stream, pockets are in the right places, has a fold down fly tray w/ replaceable foam, holds a hydration bag with a hole for the tube to lead out of, and you can even swing it around and wear it behind you with a waist strap if it's getting in your way while hiking. Right on Fishpond. Oh, and its so hip looking it almost redeems my hat. :cool: Other pack recs out there?
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By creeklover
Thanks for the info....I think I am going to order one. I was given an Orvis Easy Entry vest as a gift for helping out a buddy. I will not wear a vest...simply for the reason you gave. I looked into a Mongo chest pack. It looks pretty cool. Here's a pic: Image
mongo vest
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By creeklover
They're out of CO. There's a link underneath the pic Sherlock. :( The only problem with their pack is it doesn't dry as quick, it's canvas.
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By Smithhammer
Duh, ya mean down dere at da bottom of da page where it says Vail, Co? Momma always said, "Junior, you gots a keen sense of da obvious.
:stupid: Looks like nice gear - I'd be curious to hear from someone who's used it.
By Brookwookie
I've been using this for 10 years, and have zero complaints:ImageIt's the Creek Company Sandpiper. Mine is now a mottled green and filth brown with some interesting dark patches from wayward bloops of floatant. I have no idea if it's any better or worse than other chest packs, but it has kept me from filling up empty vest pockets with rattly crap that I don't use.
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By Brookies Rule
I must also sing the praise of Fishpond. Their gear is top knotch. I don't do very much heavy hiking to fish out here in the east so you could say I'm more of a minimilist with my gear. I have fished with the Fishpond San Juan Chest pack and absolutely love it. I also have their wading staff which is made for them by Leki which in my opinion is the best ski and hiking pole manufacturer in the world. Leki is unmatched in quality and performance. No I'm not a rep. but did sell them in a shop back in college. I have Fishponds Bighorn kit bag and that is also made very well and has taken a very good beating. Check out the new stuff for 2006 it looks great and if possible better than the stuff I already have. Man, it makes me want to sell the stuff I have and buy the new stuff. I hate the addictive nature of flyfishing gear, new stuff every year.

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By Smithhammer
Yup - I have a few of their accesories and they rock too. I'm looking into investing in some of their luggage sometime down the road - it's looks as well thought out, with fishing-specific features, as their packs. :( Wtf am I doing in front of this computer? Time to go search for some Fall browns...p.s. - I have no connection to Fishpond, Inc.
By D. Micus
I really like the orvis pack. What i like the most is it is vertically oriented, not horizontally (if i didn't get the two mixed up) which means it really doesn't get in the way.
By Jed
I must be one of those old guys who does not care what I look like. For fresh water a vest works fine for me as it has lots of places to seperate things. In the salt, its a different matter. There I have been using a large simple LLBean fanny pack. A big pocket for three fly boxes and a small one for misc. tippet, leader, clippers etc.I like it on my waist as it does not come close to being a problem when casting or fishing. Spin it behind when not in use, spin it to the front to get your jazz. It just has a single thin belt, without padding, lumbar support, bottle holders, zingers or any of that jazz. Unfortunately its old enough that its falling apart and I need to find something else. I haven't come across it yet, but I'm looking.Requirements, 1 big pocket, 1 small pocket, weights nothing in and of itself. The Creek Compaany one lookes the right size, only it is a chest pack, not a fanny pack.jed
By Flats Dude
Jed, remember....I picked you out of a crowded boat ramp parkin' lot??!! (But then again, you had all that shit on!) HAHAHA! :(
By Brookwookie
That Creek Company pack (and most of the others I'm sure) easily converts to a waist pack. I use it that way, or just slung over my shoulder, when I'm wet wading in low water.
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