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By bigtj
Hey everyone,Just an FYI on the Umpqua and an attempt to get rid of the catch and kill regs for winter fish in favor of C&R regs: ... =0&fpart=1 There is a petition available online plus any letters would be appreciated.For those of you who haven't seen what kind of fish the Umpqua is capable of producing, check out Scott Howell's website: These fish need protection before the big bruisers all get weeded out of the gene pool.Thanks,-John

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By Deerhawk
Done! Thanks for the heads up on this :cool:
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By FliesOnly
By coolconman
By Fishpaw
Done. Only 79 online signatures? WTF?
By Bird Dog
80 now.
By bigtj
I just got a hand-written postcard from Zane Smith (odfw comissioner) thanking me for my letter. It's nice to hear that the folks are listening to what we're saying. 184 signatures on the petition as of last night...way to go everyone.-John
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