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By mijo
that's ten pages of intellectual gibberish!I was hoping to have a half dozen titles to choose from by lunchtime and place an order.and please, it's not necessary to recommend the longest silence. I've read it.mgj
By coolconman
The River Why? by David James Duncan. One of my all time favorites, fishing or otherwise.True Love and the Woolly Bugger by Dave Ames is a good light read.
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By Brookies Rule
I would recommend one of David James Duncan's good friends Thomas McGuane and "the Longest Silence"
By mijo
the river why may be the one.n I've seen it mentioned rather frequently, but for some reason I've never read it.I am still open to options as I'll prolly have the river why read in a matter of hours.mgj
By Brookwookie
Originally posted by mijo:n I am still open to options as I'll prolly have the river why read in a matter of hours.
Well then you should have plenty of time to read the 10 pages of intellectual gibberish in the Reads thread.
By Ursus
Great literary achievements they are not, but consider the following for fun, fast reads that will make you long to be on the water: "On the Run: An Angler's Journey down the Striper Coast" by David DiBenedetto [/img]ist on the River: An Angler's Quest for Steelhead" by Michael Checchio - Cheesy title, but nice relaxing read.Personally, I think any LaFontaine book is entertaining (I sincerely mourn his passing, even though I never met the man). Ditto on David Hughes books.Also, I have become a fan of anthologies, especially for travelling - I understand "Homewaters" is very good although I have not yet had the pleasure of reading it. Ursus
By D. Micus
old man and the sea, and moby dick. outside chance by tom mcguaneangler's coast by russell chathamhome before dark by jim harrison
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By FliesOnly
92 in the Shade is coming with me to Mexico...River Why is good and I do so love the Longest Silence...Maybe try the Davinci Code?!? I think there is a movie coming out? :stupid:
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By cabasturd
The Offbeat Angler by Christopher Arelt and Sebastian O'Kelly.Why? Because I'm one of the authors and for each book sold (list price -- $18.95), I receive 95 cents from the publisher. Plus I get some strange internal satisfaction when someone buys it and says they like it. It's that awful feel good mushy stuff that my old man tried to beat out of me as a kid but never fully succeeded. You can read some reviews by others if you'd like. There are rumors that parts of it might show up in the next issue of The Drake. ... 0310a.html ... ngler.html
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