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By coolconman
I'll send you $3 for a copy, we can cut out those greedy publisher middle me

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By cabasturd
CCMan,Hang in there for 6 months. You'll be able to get it for that amount in the leftovers pile.Until then, full freight. Or when the Almighty Amazon decides, as the English would say, to make our book redundant and prices it lower than cat food.
By Stormcrow
"A Good Life Wasted" by Dave Ames is the second book after "True Love and the Wolly Bugger" and it is pretty good. I especially like the lady flyfisher who paited her fingernails to match the hatch.
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By Ginseng Sullivan
i would have to somewhat biasedly recommend Jerry Kustich's two books, the first is at the river's edge and the second is a wisp in the wind. both are short stories revolving around fishing and bamboo rods. Jerry formerly worked for Winston in the bamboo shop and is an all around great guy, fantastic writer and a good friend as well. the longest running fish bum i can think of. the books can be found here which is Rick Kustich's publishing house in Grand Island NY surrounded by the Niagara river. check them out.
It's amazing that no one has suggested the good but deceased doctor HUnter S Thompson (and I know there are some Coloradians on here).Another outlandish writer that Drakians should enjoy is Tom Dorsey, but his stuff isn't about fishing. Sex, drugs, rock & roll, and goofy Florida trivia.Check out John Holt's [/img]uide Wars".Also, E. Donnall Thomas Jr's two manuals "Whitefish Can't Jump" and "Dream Fish and Road Trips".If you want to read stuff by an olf fishing guide but not necessarily about fishing read any of Randy Wayne White's book.
Just thought of another the sick minds on this board might enjoy - "Zipping My Fly" by Rich Tosches.But then on second thought (or this might actually be my third thought for today, I lose count lately), screw reading and just drink more tequila. A nice caballito of El Charro por favor to watch the sun set by.
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By trouthound
I second "A Good Life Wasted", I read that last summer and it still cracks me up to recall parts of it.
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By flashback
I agree with GS, both of Jerry Kustich's books are excellent, also try Jim Harrison. Another author is Paul Quinnett (Pavlov's Trout, Darwin's Bass and Fishing Lessons.
By KemoSabe
The Spine Of Time and The Earth Is Enough By Middleton are pretty good. I think Pruitt Press Publishes them. Wisdom of the Guides is a interesting series of interviews with some well known guides.

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By befuddled
Harry PowerBait and the Bloodworm PrinceorRedfish, Bluefish, Drunkguide, Mulletdied
By whaley
What's y'alls take on Prosek's book, "Fly Fishing the 41st parrallel?? I'm about half way through. Good stuff, a vicarious read, but I guess they all are. amenp.s. watching Feeding Time for the 299040 time is way better than reading...

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