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oh why the fuck do i keep clicking on any thread started by reef or sav?go ahead and get your SORC status so this shit can stop and you can shut the fuck up
Lets be honest. I'm not saying the movie is either bad or good, but why bother with the movie when you could read the book?
Pre-movie there was a $500 ceiling on the price of plastic rods that no manufacturer dared cross.n Post-movie... the sky's the limit.n The movie brought in a new breed of "angler" with more disposible income than brainsn A lot of those "anglers" have washed out, and so have the fly shops that opened to cater to them.n But the mentality that you need high end gear just to catch a friggin' fish remainsJust sayin'
The book roolz. The movie is pretty good. Some good examples of the film making art and ok acting. Pitt had not reached his stride yet (that would come in Fight Club in which he is awesome), Sheffer isn't that good but Skerritt steals every scene he is in.("Looks like the Lord has blessed us all today...just that he has been especially kind... to me.")
Good book. Fairly good film that had some unfortunate side effects. I blame the movie itself less than I blame the dolts who saw it and somehow came to the conclusion that flyfishing the American West was a suitable way to show off their affluence.
I find it odd that people flocked to the streams after watching "the movie". It wasn't about fishing. It was about families, brothers, love and beauty. It was one of the most cinematically breath-taking films of that time. I can still remember sitting in that theatre with tears running down my face - almost from the very beginning - simply because it was so beautiful.
I think the book is excellent, and not because of anything to do with fly fishing really, it's just an amazingly well-written book of pain and loss and the complicated nature of families.
n As far as the movie spawning poseurs - I don't really care about anyone who ran out and bought their little fly fishing outfit after seeing A River Runs Through It anymore than I get pissed off at kids who want superhero Underoos after watching Batman. That movie came out what, like 10 years ago?
The book was great. Whether the movie did the book justice... movies are usually just a shadow of what the writer is trying to portray, sadly. I always liked the movie, thought it was well done. I watch it often, along with Dirty Harry and the Preacher, Buggs and Elmer, The Shining, and various other classics. I like good acting.
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