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By Smithhammer
For me, wading staffs are kinda like helmets - I usually only think of getting one right after I've done something fairly stupid. Of course, moments later, it's forgotten, and I'm focused again on getting my fly to that overhanging bank on the far shore. Guess that says a lot about my ability to learn from my mistakes.
By Brookwookie
I have a Folstaff, purchased for me several years ago by my sainted bride so that I could fish with a mountain bike injury (knee). It's come in quite handy. I like that I can stow it away. I never quite got used to wrangling a non-collapsible stick so that it wouldn't trip me up.What I don't like: waxing the ferrules so it doesn't stick together, and whacking it against a tree or rock when it does. I also had to rebuild the butt of the handle when the top tube punched through the cork. I also occasionally get the hairy eyeball from the local constabulatory because it looks like I'm packing a sidearm.The other thing that bugs me, and only a little bit, is that it sounds like Fred Sanford's truck when it's extending. I usually make an effort to be stealthy when I'm out there, but with this thing the whole neighborhood knows I'm wading deep.
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By Smithhammer
Originally posted by Dave L:n The other thing that bugs me, and only a little bit, is that it sounds like Fred Sanford's truck when it's extending.
[/img]rady, you so ugly I could roll yo' face in dough an' make gorilla cookies." - Fred Sanford Image
By caddis
Well, I bought one but have never used it. It just seems like one more piece of crap to lug aroung but there have been times I could have really used one. I've got the Korker boots with several different soles and have tried the studded rubber ones on really slick rocks but they seem to hurt my knees so I thought that a staff might be the ticket.
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By Smithhammer
Yes, I am a Fishpond slut, but I've heard lots of good things about their wading staff, and it's priced pretty reasonably in comparison to a lot of other ones I've looked at: I agree, it is just another piece of stuff to have to drag around, and I find my enjoyment of what I'm doing is usually related to how little gear I have hanging off me.
By St. Simon
I have one that stays folded up in my bellyboat. Guess I'd rather have it and not need it as to keed it and not have it...
By deweywh
Hammer,n Isn't the inverse relationship between the never-ending acquisition of new gear (read toys) and the amount of that gear we are actually willing to carry worth some sort of study? :cool: Hmmmmmm.n Dewey
By Deerhawk
I use one every time I enter any Stream or River. Difference is I use Treking Staff's, not your run of the mill flyfishing staff. Komperdell brand. They come in pairs, and serve 2 purposes, Hiking and Flyfishing. Aluminum and Stainless they have no adverse reaction in any outdoor conditions.
By Giant Leech
I primarily use commen sense and no wading staff...I also own 2 different boot driers.
By Stogie
To put it simply, I learn from my mistakes... There is one hole on the HI in which I will never chase rising trout in from Nov-Feb. A 2 mile teeth chattering walk back in water filled waders have taught me that. However I do see the point, but I rarely fish strange and deep waters in the winter.By the way, great pic smithhammer. Can you find me one with Samford straddling a hammerhead?

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By Jed
I now have one after almost getting really banged around in some fast water. Then I was saved by having a buddy that I could hold on to so we could extricate ourselves together. I then bought one from Cabelas for about $40 and I try to remember to use it when I'm of fast waters, new waters or when I need to test the bottom to know what I'm stepping into. Usually it sits in the trunk of my car.jed
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