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By Spooled
Eleven Mile gets slammed because it is the first turn for all the Mullet wearing jackasses from the Springs. The Deckers section is the same way.. I only drive through deckers to get somewhere else. I was fishing a good hole one day there and sure enough, some fucking redneck with a spinner comes walking back from upstream right where I was casting my fly. He might as well have walked right through the damn hole, he accomplished the same thing.
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By Gee
Yeah Deckers, don't get me started there. However, the year following the Hayman fire I went up there for a few days in late December, ran into two people in 3 days, and had some of the best fishing days I have ever had. I guess everyone believed all that shit about a 98% fishkill the news was reporting. It was awesome (for Deckers that is)!!! :confused:
By Spooled
Yeah, I was reading something along that lines from some redneck on . If you think the people on FAOL are bad, look at some of the posts from these assholes. I fish the canyon above Deckers quite a bit though. Will be headed up soon.

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By Jon
Youse westerners don't know how lucky you are - at least the guy asked . ;) Around here (especially during peak steelhead time) the greedy swine just barge right in on you.
By Spooled
Whether he asked or not that fucker deserves to die.
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By Fishmaster Flex
I was fishing a pretty remote streatch of a 50 mile river in montana. There were probably 5 people fishing the whole 50 miles. Some dumbass popped out of the bushes nearby and proceeded to wade into the same pool I was fishing and start trying to work the same pod of fish I was casting to. The same fucking fish! I kindly informed him that the stream was 50 miles long and there were plenty of spots that I wasn't fishing. He fucking just stood there working those fish. I put on a nymph rig because if this fucking retard was going to stand there and put down my pod I was going to catch a bunch of fish right in front of him. I caught a few small fish and finally hooked a nice brown, well, I foul hooked it. The fish ran down beyond where the guy was and I was yelling at him to get the fuck out of the water so the line wouldn't get wrapped around his legs. I managed to land it right in front of him while he stood there dumbfounded. Fucking people. Not wanting an altercation I left and before I even started walking that guy was in my spot. Now I realize that the Drakien thing to do was cast a tungsten coneheaded streamer right in his face. Live and learn. This kind of shit happens even in Montana, though probably not as often. You never know who's packing heat so I suggest not getting into it with someone who doesn't have the common sense to leave you at peace while your fishing.
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By creeklover
Spooled,It sounds like to me you regretted your decision. Next time look the mf'er in the eye and say "tough shit". Don't let a fuckface like that ruin your fishing experience. Don't back down unless he's packing heat. You now know what to do.
By Spooled
Yes Zin Master Creek. I will follow your wisdom the next time.
By Jed
flexie, did you think that 3/0 clousers were for fishing? Use one of those and he'll know you wanted his attention when it sets itself in his head.May not catch alot of fish with it in Montana but you sure can make friends and enemies fast.I am sure Micus will have a supply on hand.jed
By bigtj
Crap like that made me move back to Nevada from Colorado. I don't know what it is about that state, it's so weird, so many cool guys and just as many dumb asses. I ran into more crap in RMNP, Big T, Blue, FP, RF and the Platte than all other rivers I've fished, combined. I think it's absurd to ask somebody else not to fish a hole you aren't fishing. The guy should never have asked. It was open, you could have fished it then he could have gone back for sloppy thirds or whatever. But to try to keep someone from fishing some place, that's selfish and although I don't think it's worth getting too worked up over it definitely doesn't say much for that dude's character.
By Brookwookie
Originally posted by bigtj:n that's selfish and although I don't think it's worth getting too worked up over it definitely doesn't say much for that dude's character.
Werd. For what it's worth, my CO fishing experience (limited to 2 weeks around RMNP and BigT and environs) was entirely cool.
By bigtj
Wookie,You've got to live there for 3 or 4 years to get the full experience. I've had guys cast over my fly line, run into my back cast, try to push me out of holes, and then there is the obligatory "camp out in the best hole all day and don't let anybody else fish it" mentality. It's the worst state I've ever dealt with for fishing etiquitte by a long shot, although I've never fished east of the mississippi so I can't vouch for what dudes are dealing with in the east. Spend some more time in CO and you'll eventually run into what I'm talking about.

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