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By Bear River Boomer
Ok, lets try this one. Finish the sentance with your own punchline. I'll start:Yo Mamma is sooo fat that when she's haulin' ass she's got to make two trips!
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By highstream
Yo mama is so fat she stepped on a rainbow and made Skittles.
By Vermonter
Reminds me of an old saying for those beefy Vermont women, that they provide warmth in the winter and shade in the summer.
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By Ricky Bobby
Yo mama stink so bad cats follow her ass...Yo mama so poor I saw her kicking a can- I asked her what she was doing? She said moving

<small>[ April 26, 2007, 12:30 PM: Message edited by: Ricky Bobby ]</small>
By Highsticken
Yo mama so fat she eats Wheat Thicks.Yo mama so fat people jog around her for exercise
By BigGaTrout
Yo moma is so fat her high school yearbook picture was an aireal. :eek:
By Bird Dog
Yo mama so fat she left the house in high heels and when she came back she had on flip flops.
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By dunk
Yo momma's like a gun, two cocks and she's loaded!
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By Ricky Bobby
............. She plays hop scotch like this.... Washington, Oregon, California
By Henry's Fork Dork
....she has insulin dependent diabetes and malignant hypertension. ;)
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By The Cape Fear Kid
...whenever she wears a red dress, the kid's all yell "Hey, Kool-Aid!"n ...whenever she wears her Malcolm X jacket, helicopters try to land on her back....she sweats gravy.and my favorite, ala Pharcyde: "Yo mama got two wooden legs, with real feet."
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