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By Redfooted Mule
Yo Mama so poor when I saw her wobbling down the street with 1 shoe, I hollered - "Lost a shoe?", and she said - "Nope...just found one..."
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By troutsmack
the back of her neck looks like a package of hot dogs
By Highsticken
Yo mamma so ugly, shes da reason sexy left
By mr.smith
Your Mommas so fat, when she walked in front of the TV I missed three commercials.
By Gaper
yo mamma's got a glass eye...with a fish in it .(had to round out the pharcyde lyrics)
Your momma is sooooo fat that when the doctor told her she had flesh eating bacteria she had 87 years to live.
By Kylemc
she has other fat people orbiting around her

perhaps we need to revisit the paparazzi thread...

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