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why yes it is, working on full, boat rash acquisition. dead sexy when it starts up, too, tho i'll admit it's been awhile since i heard that. how the beatdown goes, right?found another jw youngs 1540 the other day. 80 bucks. now, that's the dirt king of reels, but it's no salmon 2...
Nice spread o' alkeehol. I'll take the bottle all the way to the right. With Laphroaig around, who cares what's on the grill?
The firewood is my buddies deck we pulled out the week before. I will admit it is weak sauce. One year I brought up a bunch of almond wood. That stuff burns like nobodys business, almost as bad as the scotch on the way out the "back door".
whatcha tying?


Thumbing Through Some SBSs

Opal Cormorant[…]

Friday Cheer Through Pics

Damn. Welcome back

Rock curry

Beautiful. [/kisses fingers]

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