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By lucky13
I'm tired of hearing El Presidente going on and on about Mars. When is he going to talk about something more important like illegal immigragion?
By Brookwookie
I'm tired of glowing churchgoers wandering out into traffic after service, trusting their god-powered deflector shields to keep them off my grille.
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By FliesOnly
I'm tired of the constant barrage of series and season finales on TV...... Can't 95% of these shows go away?
By Brookwookie
Yes. The power button on your remote should make you very happy.I'm tired of the humans and their constant chatter. Blah blah blah all damn day.

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By SageBrush
I'm tired of the dove used as the peace symbol? How about the pillow? It has more feathers than the dove, and it doesn't have that dangerous beak.S.B.n as per Handy
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By FliesOnly
I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do you want, an adorable liver?
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By Smithhammer
I'm tired of running the bulls in Pamplona. I'm tired of long-distance paper airplane competitions. I'm tired of being an underpaid clown at arctic narwhal rodeos on ice. I'm tired of mayonnaise. I'm tired of people who really think they're watching "reality" when they're watching reality tv. I'm tired of fabric "breathability tests," and the diagrams and graphs that go along with them. I'm tired of that sweaty pink pig-faced Karl Rove. I'm tired of cars with names like "Esteem" and "Allegra." I'm tired of a 3 pot a day coffee habit. Ok, I'm not really tired about the last one. :coffee:
By slenon
Im tired of catching so many trout.... er chubs yes chubs that my arm is sore :roll:
By fyshnutz
yeah, well, I'm tired of people that think a fishing bulletin board should be about fishing. I'm tired of threads that stay on topic. And I am also tired of mayonaise. I am realy tired of reality, and my liver.n Welcome back Drakien stream of consciousness posting, I'll drink to that...
By coolconman
Originally posted by Colin Rich:n Dolphins, I just learned they're not even fish!? They're just taking up space in the water that fish could be using.
What the fuck? Those dirty bastards! Next thing you know they'll be calling each other by name. Oh Shit!!! If those fuckers figure out how to breed with the polar/grizzly/celine hybrids we're all fucked. You know what, I'm tired of that damn dolphin-safe tuna. From now on I'm only eating tuna guaranteed to contain dolphin bits. Oh yeah, and I'm not putting any fucking mayonnaise in my tuna either! Image

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